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So, I learn quite a bit from my very active toddler son. If I look for it, I can draw spiritual lessons from him.

Often, I’ll hear my son ask for “More” of something. Not uncommon for any mother to hear, really. It’s just that I noticed that quite frequently when my son asks for more of something, I realize that he has quite a bit of whatever it is he’s asking for more of. Sometimes, he’ll actually dump out whatever he has in his snack cup and exclaim “More!”

It was on one of these occasions that I found myself drawing a spiritual lesson from his comment. How many times do I ask God for “More”? More money, more things, more food, more vacations, more space, more, more, more! In writing this even now, I feel that I sound like a spoiled brat. “I want MORE!”

It was then that I contemplated that what He has given me is enough. Enough for today. Enough for right now. Enough for this chapter of my life. We don’t have to squander, we don’t have to be stingy, we don’t have to withhold. I don’t believe this is what God would have us to do until more is given. I believe we are to share and be generous with what we have. After all, Scripture tells us that God loves a cheerful giver. That doesn’t have to relate to money or finances.

Use what you have. Use it wisely. More will be given as God deems necessary and timely. He knows best. For now, focus on what you have. Oftentimes, I find that He multiplies what I have. Really? You may be asking. Why yes! As a SAHM, I am amazed at how He has multiplied funds, stretched our dollars and squeezed our pennies. Truly. I believe being a SAHM honors Him. I want to be a good steward of what He has entrusted to me. I have enough.


When Do We Have Enough?