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One of these days I’ll do thus and such


Like many women, I do enjoy spending a little time on Pinterest. What I would’ve given to have had this technology back in the day! If I’m thinking that, imagine what our Grandmother’s and Great Grandmother’s would’ve given to have that kind of information and creativity readily at their fingertips!

My problem is that I “pin” lots and lots of ideas and recipes thinking I’ll save them for a rainy day when I have nothing but time to explore something new. Has that day come? No, and there have been plenty of opportunities where it’s rained, even poured, and I’ve not done a one of ’em. Oops! No harm done, really, except that I’ve probably wasted a little time here and there.

One of the many ideas I’ve pinned is framing Scripture throughout my home. Nothing fancy. Just simple, yet impactful reminders of God’s truth all about my house. I can think of no better way to spark trust and faith in Him for my son. Heck, my husband and I need a good dose of the Word, too. What I love about the pins I’ve chosen are that they are already beautifully scripted so that all I have to do is print on glossy paper and frame. “TADA!” as my son would say!!

Of course, there are even more readily available resources, not requiring one ounce of creativity. One such book that I have was one my Mom used with my sister and me growing up. I have it in my possession now and have already started reading some of it, anyway, to our son. Devotions for the Children’s Hour, is the name of the book. I’m not sure if it’s still in print or not, but it answers all the “Why’s” that children ask about God. It will be a good resource for years to come! Such books and devotions shouldn’t be saved for a rainy day. No, they should be pulled out and used now to plant seeds in our child’s heart and hide God’s Word and His truth in their hearts and minds. Rest assured, there will come a day when that Scripture will come back to their minds. What an investment is being made!

While I’m all for creative cues to spark my lack of creativity, sometimes all we need is to look about us to find books and good ‘ol old-fashioned means of inspiring and teaching our kiddos. These can be implemented at any time and will reap a harvest within our kids for years to come. Don’t miss your window of opportunity to reach your child(ren) for Christ. It’s a rather small window we’ve been given, so don’t let yourself say “one of these days I’ll get around to doing it,” as you would with your list of Pinterest projects, start today. Start simple and “old-fashioned”. You’ll be so glad you did!




My New Fave


These days, we have Pinterest to share all our fave things, products, recipes, and the like. I remember when I’d keep a list of all my new fave ideas, thoughts & recipes to share with a friend over dinner. We’d trade ideas and share new insight we’d read. It was a great time of one-on-one fellowship, gathering ideas and of course, eating.

My newest fave thing is reading. Now, I’ve never been one of those voracious readers picking up one new book after another, much less a member of a book club. Lately, however, that has been my thing! A little fiction to break up all the non-fiction. I’ve always been one to read “self-help” type books but at times, they can leave me with a heavy feeling so I started taking up a little fiction, which I used to believe was a total time waster; now, I’ve re-thought that notion.

So, I discovered Overdrive on my Nook and now download books left and right. I’ve always borrowed from the local library and visited their annual book sales. Recently though I’ve discovered, thanks to my husband, half-price bookstores. Of course, I buy and search online from Amazon and other discounted sites, but there is something about the hunt. Time has to be on your side, but venturing into one of those rather large bookstores in search of some of your fave reads can be a rush. I know. I’ve become “one of those”.

Reading has quickly become one of my new favorite past times because it is something I can quickly pick up whenever I have a few free minutes. Whether entertaining or learning, I have found it to be a readily available outlet during this busy season of parenting. “Me Time” is a rare treat and I’m enjoying engaging my mind whenever I can; heaven knows I need it!

I challenge any of you who haven’t been an avid reader, to consider picking up a book now and then and enjoying a little escape from the daily grind. You might just surprise yourself, like me, and become a reader!

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