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My Hot Cup of Coffee



As I’m sitting in my favorite comfy chair enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness and His provision to me and my family. My thoughts wander back to a different time…some 4 or so years ago, when becoming a Mom for the first time was still a dream not yet realized. I’m reminded of a simple conversation with a sweet friend.

At this particular time, I was a working woman, making us a two-income family. I had a job offering great benefits and just couldn’t fathom how God could stretch our dollars if I were to become a Stay-at-Home Mom one day, as my my heart longed for and my husband and I had long anticipated. You see, both our Moms had been home with us and we knew firsthand the value of such a gift. Having a Mom readily available and unrushed by her own harried schedule was all we both knew. Knowing we’d see her when we returned home from school, ready to hear all about our day with a snack readily available was the norm for us.

As I briefly shared with my friend, who already knew of our deep desire to be parents, I confessed that I didn’t know how we would make it on one income. She smiled and shared her own story with me. In so many words, she told me that during the years she was able to be home with her own two children, it was as if the Lord expanded their finances. She went on to say that while the numbers never made sense on paper, somehow, she said, the Lord made a way. He multiplied our dollars and blessed our efforts. Our brief conversation gave me such a shot in the (faith) arm.

Now, nearly 3 years after my dream became a reality, I can testify that yes, somehow and by some miraculous way, God makes a way where there seems to be no way. I believe He put the desire in my heart to be a SAHM. He has honored that desire by providing for our family in countless ways.

For instance, numerous times, when I thought I had no money in my purse, I’ve unzipped or unbuttoned a pocket, and found money I had no idea was there! Just this week, I found a bank envelope in my purse with a $20 bill in it! I honestly have no recollection of going to the bank for cash. It seems I’m always putting money in the bank rather than taking it out.

By no means do we have money growing on trees over here! It’s incidences like recently when our washer and dryer both needed replacing. We went to look for a replacement pair. I couldn’t believe how expensive such machines were! As we looked at a highly-rated set, I happened to notice that over on the side was a set of the same brand at half the cost of the ones we were looking at! It was a special sale the store was offering for a very short time, yet the salesman never pointed it out. The slight difference between the two sets wasn’t worth double the money. We were able to purchase both the washer and dryer for the same price we would’ve paid for only one piece of the other set!

I don’t believe in coincidence or happenstance. This, I believe, is favor from God. Everything we have is His anyway; He owns it all. We are simply stewards of it. I believe if we look for it, we will find God’s provisions in all sorts of places. It may not come in the form of a surprise of $20 in a wallet; it might be staring us right in the face. Open your eyes and see!