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It’s a New Year!

It’s a New Year!

While I’m not a resolution making girl, I do enjoy perusing Facebook to take a peek at what others are resolving to do in the new year. Personally, I don’t make them because I tend to peter out early after attempting to go gangbusters all at once. I believe the key is to take small, baby steps until it becomes a habit (like 21 days, I think?).

Typically, one of the most common resolutions I see across social media is to get fit, and even lose weight. Not a bad idea and one I would benefit by ascribing to myself! So far in the infancy stage of this new year, I’ve seen everything from dream board parties to paying off debt plans, to being more intentional with people rather than cyber-friendships. One thing I haven’t seen much of so far is the desire to be intentional about growing in relationship to Christ. For me, this is one resolution I can sink my teeth into. I feel like it is out of this relationship that everything else stems from. Admittedly, since becoming a mother, I have struggled to keep my relationship with Christ my number one priority. I can’t say I wasn’t warned this would probably happen…

One of the best ways I can take care of myself is to spiritually feed my mind and soul. Hearing God’s Word spoken, reading it, meditating on it, praying it, and committing it to memory is what we were created to do as believers. I don’t know about you, but becoming a mom has quickly diminished time for myself. To be a good wife and mom, the most important thing I can do for myself is to spend time daily in His Word, after all, it’s our guidebook for living. In order to live how He has instructed me to live, I need to know what His Word says.

These days, “self-care” has come to mean the spending of money on yourself in the form of nails, salons, tanning, personal training, travel, botox…and the list goes. However, the best self-care in my opinion is to be a woman in God’s Word. All other ideals mentioned aren’t necessarily bad in and of themselves but they all share the same common denominator=superficial. At the end of my life, none of those things will matter or last. Additionally, finances are needed to keep the wheel of indulgence turning. Think about it: do you want to be remembered for your pretty nails, or tanned skin? Or, do you want to be remembered as a woman who revered God and spent her life growing to be more and more like Him?

My desire for the year 2018 is to be intentional about being in God’s Word daily and to allow it to shape who I am rather than succumb to the world’s influence. To turn to Him with my worries, fears, and problems first before exhausting all my resources and then in a last-ditch effort, seeking Him as my rescuer. To see life through His perspective rather than fear what may be lurking around the corner; and to realize that life is not about perfection, money, and things or a problem-free existence.

One way I hope to grow in my knowledge of Him this year is to try this Bible reading plan, which in my opinion, offers a little grace with reading only 5 days a week rather than 7. http://bibleclassmaterial.com/Catalog/Mark%20Roberts/BibleReadingSchedule.htm Of course, there are many, many different plans, tools, and scheduled reading choices out there. This is one that was recommended to me and looks to be a little more doable as a mom.

Won’t you join me??









Busyness. No typo here. Not to be confused with “business”. The root here is “busy”. Is it possible to be too busy? I know I don’t want to be lazy or slothful. So, how do you know if you are too busy? I thought it best to go straight to the origin of meaning: the dictionary. Let’s see what it has to say:

actively doing something; full of activity or work; full of people or things; engaged in action (occupied)

Am I the only one who struggles with this? I think not! Why is it that we feel somehow we are a good Mom, wife, you fill in the _______ if we are constantly busy? As I’ve journaled previously, I’m the Queen of signing up for something; typically some good thing (in my eyes anyway) only to realize sometime soon after that I’ve over-committed myself. Again.

As I’ve matured over the years, I’ve come to realize that my ‘measuring stick’ for “too much” may vary greatly from your measuring stick. There are many women who run circles around me doing and accomplishing all kinds of things. Many are good, even great things. Does this make them better than me? Does this mean I’m a giant sloth?

I came to the conclusion that rather than trying to figure out what is the right amount of busy for me, or to compare myself to another, I need to go straight to the One who created me. God knows. He knows all about my personality, my temperament and what I can and cannot handle. His plan for my life and how I can best be utilized in this particular season may be different from what I think, good as my intentions may be. Perhaps He has someone else in mind for a place of service that I signed myself up for, keeping another from it.

I must realize that before I busy up my schedule, my primary ministry is my relationship with Him, then my husband, then my child. Why not consult with Him first regarding what He would have me do, saving me undo anxiety, frustration and busyness that He never intended for my life. After all, He created me and He knows best!

Now, stop comparing yourself to others and keep your eyes fixed on The Only Measuring Stick, Jesus Christ.