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Me, Alexander? You, Dennis?

Me, Alexander? You, Dennis?

One day I might be able to laugh about it. One day.

Actually, I laughed out loud last night. Only because it was portrayed on the TV. I’m talking about Dennis the Menace. Remember that 1950 something black and white show about a curiously inquisitive, yet innocent looking little tot who manages to find trouble wherever he goes…especially next door, with his neighbor, good ‘ol Mr. Wilson! That’s the one! I loved watching this show when I myself was a young’un. I’d laugh and laugh at all Dennis’s shenanigans. It seemed like real life comedy straight out of Hollywood!

That was until I had a boy of my own.

So, watching the show last night made me laugh because, oh my word, I can relate to poor Mrs. Mitchell, Dennis’ mother. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with that boy! All I could think is, that woman needs an award for all she’s put up with. No wonder she only had one child. Fast forward to me, my son, and an only child at that. Similarity on steroids! I guess it’s true what they say, misery loves company. There’s comfort to be found in others who are in the same boat, at the same time.

I had a thought though as I was being entertained by the ‘5o’s TV show last night…..perhaps I need to adjust my attitude. My child, busy as he is with a dose of naughtiness, a spoonful of mischievousness, and energy out the wazoo, is a gift. That’s right. He’s a gift from God and therefore he was created by God. Instead of feeling frustration day after day with his actions (I started to say “behavior” but behavior can be adjusted or corrected; innate curiosity is something different), just like Mrs. Mitchell, I need to embrace my gift and adjust accordingly. There are times to punish naughtiness and there are times to roll with the curiosity of a toddler boy. There are also plenty of opportunities to just sit back and have a good belly laugh over their outlandish and creative imagination! I prefer to choose laughter over anger and negativity; after all, I don’t want to be like *Alexander who proclaims his day is terrible, horrible, and no good.

I’ve decided that we as parents tend to get the most frustrated and irritated with our children when they don’t act or respond the way we think they should. I think I’ve heard this from a psychologist somewhere at some point. In other words, expecting a certain maturity of behavior from a young child will only yield frustration because that young child isn’t capable of it just yet. I find myself in this state quite often. I expect my child to respond or react in a way that I would expect a peer of mine to respond. Impossible. Chalk this up to impatience! Somewhere along the way, I’ve heard it said the older a person is, the more patient he is….HA! At least that is not true of me.

To put shoe leather on this, as my former pastor used to say, I have been erroneously trying to manage my emotions and frustrations over parenting on my own. If I’ve read one parenting book, I’ve read ten! I’m not saying books aren’t of value, but Whom better to turn to that our Creator? The One who made me, the One who created my son. God’s Word should be my go to source. A book to supplement here and there is okay but where am I getting my main advisement??? At some point, enough reading regurgitated psychological thoughts….no two children are the same. Comparison is not where it’s at. Being in tune with my Maker, who is also my son’s Maker (duh!), has all the wisdom and equipping I need.

That said, I’m committing this year to turn to God’s Word first, rather than as a last resort. God’s Word has the power to transform and renew my mind, to change my “want to” and give me a song in my heart. His Word not only has the power to change me and my heart, but also my son and his heart. I want and need God’s wisdom above all else. In order to attain His wisdom, I have to be plugged into it. Spending time with the Lord, reading His Word, committing it to memory, asking the Holy Spirit to give me the desire to read and understand so that I can apply it to my life is paramount. I need this for my life, and I can bet you need it for yours!

Let’s do this together!

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things. (1 Corinthians 13:11, HCSB)

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! (Matthew 7:11, HCSB)

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my request which I asked of Him.   (1 Samuel 1:27, AMP)

And do not be conformed to this world [any longer with its superficial values and customs], but be transformed and progressively changed [as you mature spiritually] by the renewing of your mind [focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His plan and purpose for you]. (Romans 12:2, AMP)

For the word of God is living and active and full of power [making it operative, energizing, and effective]. It is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating as far as the division of the soul and spirit [the completeness of a person], and of both joints and marrow [the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and judging the very thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12, AMP)

Honor [esteem, value as precious] your father and your mother [and be respectful to them]—this is the first commandment with a promise— (Ephesians 6:2, AMP)

Fathers, do not provoke or irritate or exasperate your children [with demands that are trivial or unreasonable or humiliating or abusive; nor by favoritism or indifference; treat them tenderly with lovingkindness], so they will not lose heart and become discouraged or unmotivated [with their spirits broken]. (Colossians 3:21, AMP)

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105, KJV)

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11, NIV)

Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. (Proverbs 7:2, NIV)

*Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judy Viorst

never a dull moment….

never a dull moment….

CAUTION: Reading any further will gross you out & make you sick but hopefully make you laugh at the not-so-pretty aspects of being a Mommy to a Little.

Oh.my.goodness! I am recalling a recent and rather lengthy road trip taken with my soon-to-be four year old. I’m glad I can find humor in the memories now. At the time, however, it wasn’t so funny.

While we have traveled quite a bit with our son in his short life, none of our trips have been as eventful as this one. I’m so grateful my husband was aboard for the trip so we could share the frustrations… and the laughs.

So on our way out of town initially, everything went fine. All 15 hours. No accidents. Of course, there were pit stops and changing of the pull-ups. Yes, he’s nearly four and still UNpotty-trained. We’ve graduated from size 6 diapers (the largest size available) to pull-ups. We’ve unsuccessfully rewarded potty-going with stickers, candy, toys, even money to encourage using “the throne,” all temporal attempts at reaching our much-anticipated goal. Even promises of pizza & games at Chuck E Cheese or starting pre-school are no match for this boy! Honestly, I would love to peer into my toddler’s mind to understand why his willful fight to use the “big boy potty”. I’m not kidding…it is quite the fight!

I digress….back on point.

You know how it is with a baby traveling near or far, you experience the “explosive diaper” and rather quickly no matter where you are, you have to do “surgery” as I call it, to remedy the dirty situation. Okay, so how about experiencing this with  an almost four year-old. Awwww yeahhhhhhh! You read correctly: F O U R. Mercy sakes, it’s not pretty!

Honestly, I’ve not experienced such disgusting-ness to this point of being a Mommy (uh oh, shouldn’t have said that…don’t want to jinx myself!). Now I am totally in love with my son, but c’mon buddy, work with me! You are no longer a baby and I am losing patience quickly with this potty-in-the-pants thing. Want a little more drama? How about #2 oozing down his legs causing red inflamed skin on the bum, blood-curdling screaming, and a tear-stained face all because of this ridiculousness? Or, poop in the crocs! What about an overflowing-with-pee, size LARGE pull-up spilling out into the car seat? Want more? Okay, yack stains (he wanted to make himself do it!) on the seat belt/harness with the lovely aroma billowing throughout the car as you drive for hours. Yeah, all that. AND to top it off, braking at interstate speed to pull off the nearest exit in rush hour traffic, mind you, throwing the car in park at a safe distance from the busy road so you can madly dig for rubber gloves, nose clips, fresh underpants, wipes…and more wipes to conduct surgery on your nearly four year old’s bottom. And then there’s the “where do I dispose of this mess?!”

What grinds my axe, is the flat-out refusal to go sit on the potty before any of the above happens. The sitting-in-dirty-pants-until-he-can-barely-walk routine, then demanding us to change him immediately. Now let’s get one thing straight: I’m not inflicting this as punishment to my son. NOPE, No way! This is all on him. He chooses to exhibit this behavior over and over and over, all with the same painful results: leading him to soak in an epsom salts bath, followed by a lovely concoction of Vaseline/baby powder to be slathered on his bottom before donning a new pair of pull-ups. Yeah, that.

Ya’ll, I like to think of myself as a Lady. Ladies don’t talk about these type of things. We deal and endure in private, certainly not share it on social media! Days like these, however, cause you to wonder why in the world you ever thought it was a good idea to have a child. Kidding of course! But seriously, what is so exciting to a Little about sitting in dirty pants and having a sore bottom? Mine just cannot sit still. It’s the honest truth.

Lest this become about potty training, or lack thereof, I’m encouraging you (as well as myself) to look at these moments and laugh. Laugh so hard so that you don’t get upset, or even angry, for that matter. Put it all in perspective and make light of it in your mind (certainly not in front of the Little. Heaven knows we don’t want to encourage this kind of behavior!) I hope in some small way you can relate to the humor of such unpleasant Mommy moments. Together we can laugh and one day, we’ll recall these gross-ities with a certain fondness that only Mommas can relate to! Who knows? Such “memories” might just serve as blackmail one of these days! I dunno, like maybe high school graduation parties, wedding rehearsal dinners,…..you get the point!

My prescription: LOL (Laugh Out Loud) & often!




Oh Monday! Why so hard on me?

Oh Monday! Why so hard on me?

Ever feel this way? Well, for me, it happens more than I’d like, that’s for sure. Even though I no longer work outside of the home, I still look forward to Fridays so the week-end can begin. After all, my husband works hard outside the home and I look so forward to our family time together.

So, back to my story….Christmas break was over, week-end behind us and a new month with a new year and a first Monday. Sounds negative, I know. I’m not one of those who relishes a fresh start in January. To me, January is, like it or not, depressing. So, clinging to my bed, against my better judgement, I got up. I did manage to have a few quiet moments with my husband to catch the days’ headlines along with at least one cup of coffee before my day lunged into action.

Things started okay until the first cry of the day alerted me that my son was ready to get up and come out of his room. Once he’s up, there’s no gradual awakening with him, it’s full throttle! So, I grabbed my protein shake and started gulping it down, desperate to fill my growling tummy. As I was preparing his snack and tuning in to one of his favorite TV shows, he visited our master bathroom. He’s suddenly infatuated with brushing his teeth. It’s quite the norm to find gobs of blue gel toothpaste lining the bathroom sink begging to be washed down the drain.

This morning however, was quite different and out of the norm. Rather than just brushing his teeth and coming out in the family room to resume his TV watching, he was absent for a few more minutes which is never a good thing. Silence, as much as I enjoy it, just doesn’t occur as long as he’s awake, anyway. Noticing his absence, I quickly made my way into our bathroom only to find the typical mess in the sink and then I turned around to be greeted with a wide smile proudly pointing to his masterpiece within the commode. At first, it looked as if he’d only had some fun with the toothpaste, shaving cream and facial cleanser until I peered in a bit further and spotted a large object wedged into the small opening in the back of the commode.

Since my son is in the early stages of potty training, yes he’s 3, I knew that the brown object wedged wayyyy back in the back of the potty opening couldn’t be what I first imagined it possibly could be. It just couldn’t because he’s yet to put THAT in the potty. I didn’t have my glasses on, and rather than take the time to go get them, I knelt down to get a closer look. Yes, it was that empty thick, hard cardboard spool left from a craft project I’d done just days before. I’m hardly a crafter, but just last week had a bee in my bonnet to create something out of some mesh ribbon I had bought back before Christmas.

Much smaller in diameter and quite a bit thicker than a toilet paper roll, I realized it was starting to unravel in the commode. This is when I reached for the closest thing to me, my son’s spanking spoon. I attempted to jar this thing loose to hopefully unplug the commode, but unfortunately for me, the thing had pretty much disintegrated into several sheets once it hit the water and was partially already down the hatch.

“Oh boy!” I uttered at the mess before me. I quickly interrogated my son who was proudly standing behind me, proud of his work, to see if anything else had gone in the potty. He mentioned a toothbrush but when I took inventory of the counter, realized none were missing. I was relieved! So, I quickly grabbed our handy dandy little plunger and began doing CPR on the toilet until I realized whatever was lodged in there wasn’t going to budge. This is when I threw up my hands and went straight for the laptop to search “clogged toilet” on youtube. I tried a couple “plumber tricks” to no avail. By the way, watching some of these DIY videos would have been more humorous had I not been in the throes of unclogging our much needed commode.

This went on and on throughout my day. Back and forth I logged coveted steps on my Garmin Vivofit as I wore the carpet thin running back to our said throne. Somehow, thanks to the videos I watched, I kept the potty from overflowing as I continued to resuscitate it. All to no avail. UNTIL my husband arrived home at nearly 6:00 that evening. I realized I had used one of our cheaper plungers and that we had a “cadillac” of sorts in the guest bath. So, I ran to get the better of our two and used some of the techniques portrayed on youtube earlier in the day, and VOILA! After give or take 25 flush and plunge maneuvers, I was able to dislodge whatever had been plugging our chair for most of the day!

Needless to say, this had become one stressful and aggravating Monday. I won’t even get into the other toddler tragedies that took place throughout the day. Can you tell I’ve not fully recovered? This is when the revelation came to me that I now have a hidden talent as a plumber! Yeah, not something I really wanted or felt I needed to have on my resume (no offense to plumbers!), but hey! When you’re a Mom, being a plumber is just one of many hats to be worn, am I right?

I am happy to report that I was able to maintain my cool throughout this not-so-happy Monday. I didn’t yell, scream, or cry (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but it has become my MO for longer than I’d like to admit. By the end of the day, as I was enjoying some comedy TV with my hubby, I was able to take it in stride….and laugh. It felt good!

Uh oh! It’s gotten awfully quiet around here….NOW where did he go?! Ooops! Gotta go! Another toddler tragedy in process!!