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Oh, what a night!


We were looking forward to a fun date night together, my son and me. His Daddy had plans with the guys, so me and my sidekick had big plans! Not so much for me, but for him. He loves McDonald’s Playland and he needed some new kicks, so out we went on this beautiful May evening.

We headed out to “Wally World,” as I call it for his shoes. You know, get the big thing outta the way. Before heading into the store, I pulled my son to me and told him how it was going to be: “you’ll be riding in a cart,” I said, “so that we can more easily try on your shoes”. The main reason for the cart: to keep him WITH me. I always try to break down the rules for him so he knows what to expect so we don’t have an emotional breakdown once I find a cart to put him in. Once explained, he didn’t like the “rules” but agreed to the plan. I was happy he obliged. Off we headed to the shoe department….

We had just arrived to said aisle when I was quickly trying to locate his size. The boy’s foot grows so quickly that I’m constantly trying to keep him properly fit. That, and the fact that he scuffs the toe. Boys! Out of the blue, he proclaims he has to go potty. I didn’t believe him (we’ve talked consistently about “the boy who cried wolf”) because he’d already gone potty 3 times before we left for the store. He persisted, so I screeched to a hault my shoe size hunt and we made a bee-line to the bathrooms in the back of the store. As soon as I park the cart and explain to him “the rules” before we head in, he jumps out of the cart and makes his fore-planned getaway!

Needless to say, this Momma wasn’t laughing. Once again, my Houdini disappeared. My panic always sets in rather quickly because I never know where he’ll go. Once when he was on a child harness, I was quickly trying on a shoe while standing up (always ready to sprint) he wriggled himself free and as soon as I could get my shoe on, I took off after him. I searched high and low to no avail. No, he wasn’t hiding amidst the clothes on the rack, in the bathroom, or in the toys…much to my horror, he ran out into the parking lot! I was mortified! This was at the height of his “if you come after me, I’m running further in the opposite direction” days. From then on, I knew he had to be in tight reign and threatened within an inch of his life!

No, he didn’t need to go potty, just as I’d thought. Tricked again. I hate to mess with the potty thing though in case it’s the one time he fills his britches right there in the middle of the store. I digress. Off I run heading up and down the store’s aisles calling his name. I make my first stop to the toy department and there he is, riding a tricycle like a madman up one of the aisles outside of the toy area! I promptly scolded him, instructed him to return the trike and come with me to the shoe area which is why we came to Wally World in the first place. I don’t have to tell you that by this time, it had already been a lonnnnnnggggggg day with the boy. Momma was t.i.r.e.d! I waited and waited and waited on him until I finally shouted, “I’m headed back to the shoe department, son, c’mon!” I suppose that’s when what happened next transpired. Houdini struck again! Yeah, he bolted to who knows all where. I looked, searched up and down, all around for this child when all at once I hear on the store’s intercom: “Will _____  ______ come to the fitting room, please?” Now here’s the funny part. My son gave the clerk my first name and his first name; put together, it becomes the name of a rather famous local singer. I’m sure when I showed up to collect my son, the onlookers waiting on a fitting room were disappointed to find that I was not who they expected. I can laugh about it now.

I collected my child who was red-faced, sobbing, and anxiously awaiting my appearance. My heart melted as he ran to me, calling “Mommy!” I immediately grabbed him into my arms, picked him up, held him, kissed him, assuring him that I would never, ever leave him. It took awhile to console him; he was so worked up. Once we found his shoes, purchased them and headed out to the car, he asked to go to the Playland to which I quickly replied “no”. He sobbed some more and it was then that I explained to him that I cannot reward him with a treat when he was being naughty by not listening to me and running away.

It seems more and more, I’m finding teachable moments to help him understand why his behavior is not acceptable. Ugh, parenting is definitely trying at times. I’m not gonna lie, once we returned home, this Momma was done for the day. I love and cherish the good times of laughing, playing, acting silly, and snuggle times. I find myself praying extra hard for endurance and wisdom to muscle up for the trying times. As hard as some days might be, I’m reminded that in comparison, at his young age, I’m still in control as his parent. I can still mold, shape, and guide his way. As he grows older, into his teens and beyond, I can only hope and pray that he’ll maintain respect for his parents and seek to please and honor us, but more than that, Jesus.




My Little Houdini Strikes Again!


running-316910_1280Now that I’ve made it through a few more days, I feel I am finally able to talk about it….

Yes, I have a 3 yr old ‘Houdini’ on my hands. It’s by no means a new revelation. He, quite simply, has been able to escape out of, well, just about anything restrictive. Let’s just say it causes this Momma plenty of stress and aggravation.

I’ve decided as of this week’s incident, there will be no more trips to the grocery with this guy! UNLESS and ONLY IF he’s securely tethered to his leash. Yes, I said that word and I’m proud of it! His l-e-a-s-h. Actually, to be “PC” it’s a child harness, but to me, it’s a leash and I’ll make no apologies for the use of it with my son. It looks quite simply like a backpack and harnesses around him with a not-so-generous lead that brings this frustrated-to-the-max Momma great peace of mind and security. Now and again, I get some dirty looks from parents when they see my “little” tethered in this fashion. Under my breath, I’m thinking: “if you had a runner, you’d be using one of these beauties too…DON’T JUDGE!”

Back to the dreadful morning….

At the grocery, he wanted to ride in the cart and I was oh so happy to not have to force him into one as I usually have to do. The only issue was, he wanted in the one with the “car” in front of the cart. Bad engineering, in my opinion. I get the lure for children to the car; however, WHY does this particular store put it in front of the cart where you can barely see your child?! Other stores have ‘the lure’ in the traditional seat of the cart, right where your hands go to push the cart, or ‘buggy’ as I call it, after all, I am a southerner. I reluctantly ‘gave in’ to his plea because, quite simply, I didn’t want to fight with him over it. I just wanted to get in and get out of the store with our groceries before the torrential rains hit our area.

I gave my boy a good talking to before strapping him into this car attached to our buggy. I always feel like I’m trying to steer a semi-truck when attempting to push one of these things. Honestly, they’re quite difficult to steer, so much so that you have to get a running start to make a wide turn down a narrow aisle. Rant over. Fortunately, we made it through the entire shopping trip without any attempts at an escape. I was so proud of my “little”, I was beaming! After all, he’s a newbie to “3”, so I had high hopes he’d outgrown his famous escapes. I was oh, so wrong!

Heading out of the store, to our ‘bus,’ as he refers to our vehicle, I’m quickly inserting the key into my car door’s lock in an effort to put him safely inside the car while I load our groceries, as is our practice. Before I could get the key all the way into the door’s lock (remote works like a finicky woman), he makes his break from the buggy’s car! Panic began surging through my veins! Now, he’s loose in a busy parking lot! The more I try to lure him to me, the further he darts in the opposite direction. He thought it was a funny game while I’m on the verge of having a coronary. Can anyone else relate? I feel so alone sometimes in my parenting, or lack thereof.

As if God put someone right there to help me in my distraught state, a couple walked by, heading into the store, super close to my escape artist. In tune to my growing panic, they offered their help and I swiftly took advantage of their generous offer! With this couple’s assistance, I was able to corral my son and win him back to our “bus”. He was quickly reprimanded and threatened within an inch of his life to ever even THINK of repeating this in the future. No doubt, I had his attention. The leash was slapped around him and his belt held him tightly within his car seat while I pitched the groceries into the car.

Incidents happen so incredibly fast with our children, making parenting quite challenging at any given moment. I know for me, I’m fervently praying for wisdom as well as God’s angels to surround and protect my busy boy. As fellow Moms, let’s be aware of moments like this with other Mommas in our path and offer to lend a helping hand. Who knows, you may just be the answer to someone’s desperate prayer for help!