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one of many secrets

one of many secrets

I’m not gonna lie…one of my favorite things to do in this season of my life especially, is to share good conversation with a friend over coffee. It’s “me” time. I never imagined how depleted my mind would become as a SAHM. You know the drill, you have something on your mind to tell your husband or to tell a friend and then “poof!” as quickly as the thought came into your mind, it’s gone to a place I’ve not been lucky enough to find. Or, when you are fortunate enough to recall what it is you’re wracking your brain to remember, your train of thought is suddenly derailed and “poof!” it’s gone just the same, much like a hard drive of a computer being wiped clean.

So, after a busy couple days, I was thrilled to have coffee time with a dear friend. We met and we talked for nearly 4 hours, closing the coffee shop even. It was pretty much heaven on earth for me! We excitedly trade thoughts and get to complete sentences! One of the many topics we covered was happiness. We came to the conclusion, rather she did and I took it in like a sponge, that we have to find our own happiness. We can’t depend on our friend, child, spouse or parent to fulfill us in that way. It’s not even possible to find it in things or experiences, which are fleeting and based on emotions. We must train our brains to think good and true things rather than indulge in negative ‘garbly gook’, as I call it, about ourselves and even others (Phil. 4:8). We need to try to see ourselves as God sees us; He considers us the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8).

My friend and I certainly didn’t solve any big mysteries or find the cure to cancer, but we were able to encourage one another, find some truth and even discover some secrets to a more fulfilled life. Among the busyness and sometimes the rat-race of life, it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff or just the negative junk, plaguing us all. It takes a well-trained brain and thought life, focused on God’s truth and proper perspective, to banish the ugly stuff. Don’t allow the enemy to corrupt the “hard drive” of your brain. Take the time to “reboot” and “refresh” as often as necessary to find the joy and happiness that is yours for the taking.