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So, long before we became parents, I would question other parents’ form of discipline or more likely, lack thereof. I would wonder what a Stay-at-Home Mom could possibly be so busy with all day. I would think to myself that a “SAHM” had it pretty easy compared to a career. Fast-forward to being a Mom, I understand well how warped my thinking was. Having worked various jobs over half my life, I have come to realize that being a “SAHM” is the most difficult job there is. Truly. While the stresses and pressures are present in both, raising a child is THE most important job there is. Sacrifice and selflessness, training, discipline, molding, shaping, praying, building into and modeling life for, as well as feeding, clothing, refereeing tantrums while cooking, cleaning and maintaining the needs of a household. It is a 24/7 job that doesn’t run 9-5. I’m not in any way complaining, nor is this a rant; I want to affirm other Moms who’ve taken on this role of a “SAHM” and applaud their efforts. While we as Moms may not have “earning power” our pay-off and value is in raising a PERSON and we may not reap the reward of that until we’re in heaven one day. However, I also want to hopefully enlighten anyone who thought as I did at one time questioning what all went into being a “SAHM”. The takeaway? Be careful not to judge a Mom based only upon a snapshot of her day with her child(ren). More than likely, you haven’t a clue what she is dealing with, has dealt with or is struggling with in her parenting. Cut her some slack and best of all, pray for her; encourage her with a smile, treat her to coffee, and build into her. Your kind gesture could really make her day!


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