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What do you mean no internet?!

Yeah, so our internet has been down for at least a month, one week of which we were out-of-town, so we didn’t really care. Let’s just say we now care! Initially it was sporadic, at best. Now zip, notta, zilch, zero. We’ve been siphoning off our neighbor’s wi-fi for some time, I’m embarrassed to say, albeit we were granted permission to use it. I’ve been so desperate a couple of times that I’ve actually filled out important school forms via my cellphone’s data!

It has become astounding to me what all we do that requires internet access. I didn’t realize how dependent I’ve become on it for reading, researching, checking email and social media, signing up for events, and on the list goes. If I’m being honest, I feel like I’m trying to detox off of drugs! It’s like I can sit here holding my laptop just so, waiting for the signal to (fingers crossed!) pull in from my neighbor’s wi-fi, or I can go to the nearest McD’s offering free wi-fi service and hang out in the parking lot as if I’m waiting on my drug fix. I’m now an internet junkie!

“Hello, my name is Aimee, and I’m addicted to the internet.”

Depending on how I “spin” my current situation, I feel freed from the bind the bandwidth has had on me. It’s amazing how much more I’ve accomplished around the house since being without. On the flip side, I’m keeping a rather lengthy list of all that needs to be done once I’m back among the living and can connect to the information super highway. If you really think about it, it’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t so connected to all things IT. With less and less personal interaction and the continued rise of being a ‘one man show on the go’, it’s no wonder one is left scratching his head when the internet is down.

Soon enough, I’ll be back in business. For now, though, I think I’ll kick back and enjoy my newfound freedom. Heck, I may actually get some work done around the house, finish reading a book, and even have dinner ready on time for a change!






You know you’re a Mom when….

You know you’re a Mom when….

I could go a lot of different directions here; however, I’ll stick to my story….

Yesterday started out as a pretty normal Saturday. Although we parted company in the morning for a few hours, we joined back up and made our monthly pilgrimage south for haircuts. All of us were looking like sad, shaggy orphans. Our weather had turned windy and chilly and we stopped for a bite to eat, then by a local store we like to peruse.

We made it maybe 10 steps inside the store, when my little one started to cry. He wasn’t looking like he was feeling too well, so I picked him up and that’s when it happened! My right side was immediately splashed in, wait for it, vomit. Face, shoulder, torso. Poor baby continued emptying his stomach all over the floor at this point, blocking the entrance to the store. My husband summoned some help to clean up while my son and I dashed into the bathroom. What do you know??? NO PAPER TOWELS in the bathroom. Now, I’m all for saving the planet, but when you have a catastrophe (at least that’s what I call projectile vomit on the body), a blow dryer for the hands just doesn’t cut it!

We cleaned ourselves up as best we could with what we had, washing our shirts and shoes out in the bathroom sink. My husband came to our rescue with a couple t-shirts for us to change into. We picked up a mop bucket on the way to the check-out just in case we needed it on the drive home. Showering, bathing, and laundering our shoes, jeans, shirts, socks, and even my purse made us all feel better, along with a nice nap!

Thankfully, our son is feeling like eating some bland noodles this morning along with a little carbonation to sip. When, what seemed like only minutes later, the dog started heaving, his body contorting like an overloaded washing machine. I quickly tried to catch him as I knew what was coming…more vomit. Sure enough, even our family dog was throwing up! Oh goody, I thought!

I quickly realized it wouldn’t be the holidays without sickness knocking on the door. Here’s hoping the caregivers don’t come down with the “epizuti”, as I call it. Any Momma will tell you it is not a good thing when she’s sick. Consequently, I’m slurping down a nice cocktail with Airborne to hopefully stave off any germs hanging out in our home. Life certainly doesn’t stop when illness hits. My heart goes out to Mommas of multiple kiddos. I already feel like a short-order cook, maid, housekeeper, and care-giver with my one-and-only down for the count. It’s true selflessness at its best.

All “grossness” aside, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the blessing and gift of being a Momma. I believe God gives Moms (and Dads!) special grace for handling the less than glorious side of parenting. There’s nothing like caring for and nursing a little one who is totally dependent on you. After all, isn’t this what the good Lord does for each of us as His children? He comforts us when we’re sad, sick, upset, hurt, and unable to care for ourselves. He loves us when we’re unlovely. One of the greatest joys of motherhood is being a nurturer, a caregiver, a nurse maid to our children. Somehow, this truth trumps the unlovely part every. single. time.

Here’s hoping we can all enjoy an illness-free holiday season! We can start by thanking the Lord for health, for medication, for a warm bed on a chilly night, for our doctors and nursing staff. As God cares for us as His children, let us care for our family. Let us remember: God is good all the time; all the time, God is good.