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What do you mean no internet?!

Yeah, so our internet has been down for at least a month, one week of which we were out-of-town, so we didn’t really care. Let’s just say we now care! Initially it was sporadic, at best. Now zip, notta, zilch, zero. We’ve been siphoning off our neighbor’s wi-fi for some time, I’m embarrassed to say, albeit we were granted permission to use it. I’ve been so desperate a couple of times that I’ve actually filled out important school forms via my cellphone’s data!

It has become astounding to me what all we do that requires internet access. I didn’t realize how dependent I’ve become on it for reading, researching, checking email and social media, signing up for events, and on the list goes. If I’m being honest, I feel like I’m trying to detox off of drugs! It’s like I can sit here holding my laptop just so, waiting for the signal to (fingers crossed!) pull in from my neighbor’s wi-fi, or I can go to the nearest McD’s offering free wi-fi service and hang out in the parking lot as if I’m waiting on my drug fix. I’m now an internet junkie!

“Hello, my name is Aimee, and I’m addicted to the internet.”

Depending on how I “spin” my current situation, I feel freed from the bind the bandwidth has had on me. It’s amazing how much more I’ve accomplished around the house since being without. On the flip side, I’m keeping a rather lengthy list of all that needs to be done once I’m back among the living and can connect to the information super highway. If you really think about it, it’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t so connected to all things IT. With less and less personal interaction and the continued rise of being a ‘one man show on the go’, it’s no wonder one is left scratching his head when the internet is down.

Soon enough, I’ll be back in business. For now, though, I think I’ll kick back and enjoy my newfound freedom. Heck, I may actually get some work done around the house, finish reading a book, and even have dinner ready on time for a change!






Chasing tails


Ever feel like you’re chasing your tail? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this! Seriously, I’ve been dropping balls lately and it really bothers me. It’s not like me to forget to do something or be somewhere on time (within 10 minutes anyway). Heck, I scheduled and managed schedules for a living in my ‘working girl’ life, for heavens’ sake! (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that!)

I’m a paper calendar kinda gal. I know, super old school but it all began in my ‘working girl’ life (before all our modern technology, mind you) that I tweaked and perfected what worked best for me. I quickly learned to keep meticulous notes should someone challenge me. Once the computer took the typewriters’ place, I kept my paper calendar. I still do. I find immense comfort knowing that I can easily amend details. However, writing is a different animal. I much prefer my laptop over the archaic pen and paper method. Go figure! Each to his own, I suppose.

I digress…

For whatever reason, this year has been a little more challenging between keeping mine, my husband’s, and now my son’s social calendar. Are you laughing at me?! The kid had four birthday parties within a couple short weeks, two of which were on the same day, yet different times. Get my drift? I lonnnnged for my paper calendar to edit and organize my thoughts. I tend to create check boxes: do I have a gift purchased-check, did I RSVP-check, did I purchase the pumpkin for the preK patch-check. Scary, I know, yet this is how my brain works!

Needless to say, I feel like my mind is on overdrive most days… always somewhere to be, something to take, pick up, purchase, hence the chasing of the proverbial tail. To be honest, I detest living this way. It wears me out, stresses me out, even causes me to be physically sick at times. Why do I do what I don’t want to do? This is the life we live, yet, we choose to live this way. I have one (1) child who recently turned five (5) and our schedules have quickly picked up. We limit our calendar of activities, yet tend to spin our wheels.

Hence my new morning read, Keep A Quiet Heart, Elisabeth Elliott. Within its pages, I’m reminded to sit at the feet of Jesus, take in His Word, fill my thoughts with His thoughts, and seek only to please Him. Boy! When I look at life through His lens, suddenly the hamster wheel starts to slow a bit. My focus turns to what really matters and what my priorities need to be in the present stage I’m in. I find myself desiring a more peaceful existence as the years roll on. Ultimately I find that my son just wants to spend time with me, his Daddy, as well as his extended family and friends. Making lasting memories by taking the time to sit down to play cars, allow our imaginations take over, let him help me around the house by folding clothes, running the vacuum, or setting the table fill his little love tank. Simplicity.

Since life is short and there aren’t any guarantees for what tomorrow holds, let’s strive to make the most of each day. Simply spending time together, listening, playing, relaxing without being a slave to the clock, is a recipe for a day of not taking life too seriously. Now, I need to take a dose of my own medicine!! Let’s go have some fun!