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On the search for wisdom


By now you should already know that I’m a fan of mentoring and that I seek to have a teachable spirit. I enjoy learning how to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and daughter of Jesus. I like to surround myself with people who are a little further down the road from me and where I am at this current stage of my life. “As iron sharpens iron,…” (Proverbs 27:17) friends are invaluable assets to me, along with God’s Word, of course.

That said, I’ve become acquainted with another read that has captured my attention, thanks to a friend’s recommendation over coffee. Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony is my latest read. It has offered numerous nuggets of wisdom to me already!

I’m so thankful for resources available to us in just about any and every format. Radio programs are great when I’m working; books/audio books, blogs, and e-readers are great to plug into whenever possible. More importantly, however, is making time to be in God’s Word, encompassing all of God’s wisdom.




My New Fave


These days, we have Pinterest to share all our fave things, products, recipes, and the like. I remember when I’d keep a list of all my new fave ideas, thoughts & recipes to share with a friend over dinner. We’d trade ideas and share new insight we’d read. It was a great time of one-on-one fellowship, gathering ideas and of course, eating.

My newest fave thing is reading. Now, I’ve never been one of those voracious readers picking up one new book after another, much less a member of a book club. Lately, however, that has been my thing! A little fiction to break up all the non-fiction. I’ve always been one to read “self-help” type books but at times, they can leave me with a heavy feeling so I started taking up a little fiction, which I used to believe was a total time waster; now, I’ve re-thought that notion.

So, I discovered Overdrive on my Nook and now download books left and right. I’ve always borrowed from the local library and visited their annual book sales. Recently though I’ve discovered, thanks to my husband, half-price bookstores. Of course, I buy and search online from Amazon and other discounted sites, but there is something about the hunt. Time has to be on your side, but venturing into one of those rather large bookstores in search of some of your fave reads can be a rush. I know. I’ve become “one of those”.

Reading has quickly become one of my new favorite past times because it is something I can quickly pick up whenever I have a few free minutes. Whether entertaining or learning, I have found it to be a readily available outlet during this busy season of parenting. “Me Time” is a rare treat and I’m enjoying engaging my mind whenever I can; heaven knows I need it!

I challenge any of you who haven’t been an avid reader, to consider picking up a book now and then and enjoying a little escape from the daily grind. You might just surprise yourself, like me, and become a reader!

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Taking Time To Read

Taking Time To Read

This morning as I’m sipping some hot coffee, having made my husband’s lunch and prayed with him upon his departure to another busy day at the office, I’m reading in my favorite comfy chair. I’ve been enjoying reading more and more. While I enjoy reading, I have to work it into my schedule, which has to be a conscious choice made by me. You see, I’ve been convicted lately of spending too much time on social media. For me, it has become a means of escape. You know, mindless distraction from a busy, stressful day at home raising a little person. My point is not to rant on social media, rather convey how I’ve been striving to make better use of my time.

I started reading another of one of my favorite author’s books, Beautiful In God’s Eyes, by Elizabeth George. By no means is this a new publication. To me, new or old, it is timely wisdom for the season I’m in. Quite honestly, this book would apply to just about any season I’ve found myself in! It is about the treasures of the Proverbs 31 woman. Such wisdom is found within the pages of this book. I find myself wanting to read more and more of it even though the attributes of this Proverbs 31 woman seem difficult to ever attain. This woman is someone I’d aspire to be, a true heroine.

By no means is it an easy read, but a convicting one. However, I believe as women we all fall short of these attributes described here. You might be thinking, why read about someone you’ll never feel the satisfaction of becoming, only to be disappointed time and time again? My answer to that question quite simply is this, I realize that there is no way this side of heaven I could ever come close to having this woman’s attributes and character; however, with God’s help and transformation in my life, it is possible. My part is to partner with Him, allowing His Holy Spirit to transform, shape, renew and fix my mind on the things of Him. A tall task for sure, but thankfully, our God is in the miracle business!

Whether you read this book, or another, I’m encouraging you (and me, for that matter!) to choose to put uplifting and encouraging truth in your mind, to invest in bettering yourself as a wife, mom, and woman of God. From this, everything else will flow. More importantly, though, is to read God’s Word; His book trumps all other reading. Within its pages can be found topics on parenting, being an excellent wife and mother, guarding your heart, as well as learning of the Lord’s wisdom and knowing His heart.

Sure, God inspires authors to write, encourage, inspire, and even teach us. What I’ve learned though is that we must be discerning (something else to pray for!) in what we read and who has authored it. I’ve come to understand that just because a book has been recommended to me by someone I admire, or just because I find a book in my local Christian bookstore, doesn’t mean that this book is something of value for me to read. Why, you ask? There is value in researching an author. Look at and read the endorsements given for his publication; do you know these people and their teaching? Research who this author is, his beliefs and his teachings. You certainly don’t want to put false doctrine into your mind. His writing will flow from his teaching and beliefs and if his values and belief system are not in line with God’s teaching, then this book you are considering is probably not going to be something you should read.

In closing, fill your mind with God’s Word and know His truth and teachings well so that you will be better equipped to discern whether something you are considering reading is of value or not. Believe me, there is plenty of unbiblical teaching written, published and housed on many a shelf at even our Christian bookstore. I witnessed this first-hand having worked in a Christian bookstore for many years. I had so much respect for the owners of our store who, despite flack and lost sales, chose not to carry books by certain authors. It is sad, but so very true. We have to remember that there are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing…even in our local bookstores.

I Don’t Know about You….


shelf-159852_1280As a fellow Mom, do you feel like you’re drowning in parenting books? I mean really! I literally have a stack (and I do mean a nice tall stack!) of books on this subject. It seems I keep hearing of yet another “great” book that I “just have to read” and “this one trumps the last one!”

Now, I’m not much of a reader of fiction, until earlier this year, when I started to need a break from all the heaviness of reading parenting books. You know the ones I’m talking about (without mentioning actual titles) “You Can Potty Train Your Kid In No Time” and “Disciplining the Active Child”. I have found some gems in the books I have muddled through, no doubt. I love to learn and have a teachable spirit, but do I really need to read so many books?

So, while I was at church on Sunday, I bumped into a rather wise friend of mine in the hallway of the children’s building, of all places! We were exchanging niceties and then plunged deep into the subject of you guessed it, parenting. Being an avid reader herself, she shared with me that her husband asked her recently why she feels she needs to read yet another book on parenting. He encouraged her to pray for wisdom and discernment on being the best Mom she can be. WOW! Her words hit me right between the eyes since I, too, have been reading and reading and reading to discover one more nugget that just might be the answer to all my parenting woes.

This is not to say I won’t pick up another book on this subject, but for awhile, at least, you’ll find me in my “War Room,” or with a work of fiction in my hands!