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11:42pm…Yes, I should be in bed by now, BUT….

Being a Mommy of a 4 year old is tiring. I’m sure you’ll agree, after all, what Momma isn’t tired? Ever feel emotionally drained? Like not so much physically wiped out but just tired of the same.issues.over.and.over. The discipline, consistency of it, trying to ‘choose my battles,’ and the noise and energy level off the chart. Yeah, that about sums it up.

Any more, the only time for me to unwind is after the boy goes to bed. It’s nothing new but still, catching up on email and texts, thinking through details of tomorrow, getting into a good book, and sometimes writing, all eats into my sleep hours. Before I know it, it’ll be 6:30am and time to get up, gulp down some coffee and perhaps, if I’m fortunate, a slice of toasted bread with peanut butter to give me at least something in my stomach before the monster, errr, I mean child wakes up for a brand new day.

I’m not complaining, truly, I’m not. I just find it humorous that I’m still awake and yet I desperately need to be asleep so that I can conquer tomorrow’s challenges, that’s all. I wouldn’t change this time and these days with my boy for a thing. I’m grateful and blessed to be able to be at home with him. Grateful that my dear husband wants it that way, and works hard for it to remain this way. Thankful for the memories we’re making together and that I have a son who calls me “Mommy”. Taking time to drink in the days with him will always be a treasure. God has been good to grant me the desires of my heart.

I couldn’t ask for more….





I need a heart transplant

I need a heart transplant

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.               (Psalm 51:10, NIV)

No, I’m not talking about having surgery for medical reasons, nor am I making light of anyone who is. Rather, I’m talking about my own heart which needs to be renewed, purified, and ultimately healed. Can you relate?

I mean, do you feel that your heart can be cold, dark, numb, blind to the needs of others? Do you find yourself in a battle, daily even, over wanting a pure heart? A heart that only God can change? Or, do you struggle with a broken heart? Hurt, stomped on, defiled, stolen, even denied? Has your heart been betrayed by someone you loved and cared for? Are you a single lady hoping to give your heart away to someone who is worthy of it? A widow, hoping to restore her broken heart? Perhaps a married woman struggling with matters of the heart? Or, a worn-out Momma in need of help with matters of the heart over your young’ins?

What I most long for when I reach heaven is to have a new heart. A brand new heart. One that is pure, cleansed once and for all, 100% God’s. I know I’ll receive a new body, which is also great but I look forward to no longer having my ugly, deceptive, divided heart.

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9, NIV)

Way back when I was in the youth choir at my church, we traveled and sang in other churches in the north and southeast, public forums, and conducted backyard Bible clubs along the way. One of my favorite songs from probably my favorite musical we ever performed, “Create In Me”. The lyrics were derived from the scripture Psalm 51:10. I can still hear the beautiful girl in our choir singing “Create in me a clean heart, purify me in every part, thoroughly wash me from sin, and renew a right spirit within”.  As a young teenager, although I loved the song, I didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of the lyrics. It was several years down the road when I understood how deceitful the heart actually is. It was about that time that I re-dedicated my life to Christ, and wanted to be thoroughly cleansed of all unrighteousness. Shortly thereafter, I was sharing my newfound joy in the Lord with my besties at the time. I was so on fire for the Lord and desperately wanted my friends to discover what I had found in Him.

I learned the importance of memorizing scripture and hiding it in my heart, thanks to my parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, & Vacation Bible School teachers. I studied how to pray scriptures to the Lord as I got older. This verse, along with many others, has always been one of my favorites. I encourage you to start working on the hearts of your children: pray for their tender hearts to be receptive to God’s calling, ask the Lord to guard their precious hearts, teach them scripture and what pleases the Lord. Capture their attention while they are young so they will grow to love their Maker by taking them by the hand to Sunday School, church, and enrolling them in Vacation Bible School. You won’t regret the foundation you’re building in their young lives.