a simple ice cream

a simple ice cream

It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness can bring such joy to your heart. I was the recipient of such grace today and it made this mama’s heart swell.

You know how some days you just feel defeated, tired, spent, overwhelmed, depleted, and joy-less? Well, on this particular day, that was my mood. I would have happily put myself back to bed to get up and try again, but no such luck!

I had prepared a breakfast supper for my family because that was the energy I had left for the day. And, let’s face it, we all enjoy breakfast for supper! Buttermilk pancakes, syrup, and cheesy ham and mushroom omelets were on the menu. Upon finishing, I realized the time, and quickly made my getaway to the store for the errand I’d forgotten earlier in the day before they closed. While I was out, the thought occurred to me how much I’d love an ice cream from one of my favorite places, ChickfilA. Now, did I need that ice cream? NO! But, try as I might, I couldn’t get the image of that cool, delicious treat out of my mind. Next thing I knew, my car kinda turned into the parking lot and I found myself in the drive-thru line. Before I knew it, I was ordering my delightful cup of yummy goodness!

The guy taking my order asked my name then what I’d like. I happily replied, “1 small ice cream please” he responded with “a kids ice cream then?” “yes”, I replied and he came back with “it’s on me tonight, enjoy!” Now, you would have thought I’d won the ice cream lottery or something! I was happily grinning ear to ear, pulling up to the window to pick up my long-anticipated treat. Once there, the girl handed me this cup full of their yummy ice cream. I quickly noticed this was not a kids size at all….it was like a size or two up!!! I pulled off and stuck my spoon into that cup of goodness and thought back over the details of my day, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Suddenly, the delicious treat drowned out any negative events!

As I took the long way home to enjoy my ice cream, taking in the quietness of the ride, I suddenly had a revelation. Silly as it may seem, comparing a free ice cream to a spiritual lesson, I thought to myself: isn’t it just like God? We ask Him for something, and not only does He bless us, but He gives us more than we even asked for! WOW!


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