did somebody say FREE?!


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What better way to jump into summer than with a complete fiction series?! Heaven Intended is a clean, historical romance series (Full Quiver Publishing, 2014, 2018, and 2019). It won’t make you blush or be embarrassed if your teen or tween look at any of the content.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.37.01 PM.png

This series is set in the Civil War and is inspired by real heroes and events of the war (see Father Thomas O’Reilly’s biography on page 238 in book 1). It’s in their routines and hardship of life where their faith is naturally seen. They desperately lean into God, but it is not in a way that makes you feel you are doing something wrong or are not enough because you don’t do the same thing or pray in the same way.

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