“G.N.O. Let’s Go!”

“G.N.O. Let’s Go!”

Being somewhat of an introvert, I don’t have to be around people to feel happy, fulfilled, or energized. Don’t get me wrong, I love people and I enjoy them, but I do get peopled-out. The older I get, the worse it becomes. People can flat wear me out sometimes!

However….since becoming a momma, I do need my time out every now and then. I love the interaction, the conversations, shared experiences, learning new things, and all the rest. Now that I’m wearing the hat of home school mom, I feel the need to get out since I’m in with my child most of the time. I need an outlet for my words that have been locked up tight day after day. Heck, most of the time, I can’t finish a thought or even remember what I wanted to say in the first place. Please know, I’m not complaining; it’s just the reality of the season I’m in. This too shall pass, they say.

You can imagine my excitement when a GNO, “Girls’ Night Out,” found its way on my calendar. I couldn’t wait to go out to dinner with some girlfriends! Time to sit, enjoy a meal, share conversation, and laugh just doesn’t happen much for me right now. I was tickled pink, counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds til I could head out the door. My husband is super sweet about encouraging me to get out; however, my introvert self actually tempts me to stay in. Let’s just be honest: momma getting out from time to time benefits the whole family, in a positive way! I watched what I ate all day so I could enjoy my favorite salad for dinner, and maybe even sip some tea, and perhaps even maybe indulge in a little sweet treat. I was so excited!

Us Moms are always looking for some establishment, any upstanding establishment in our friendly little town that stays open past 9pm! Heading back to one of our homes is definitely not an option, as we’d quickly find ourselves back on “Mom duty”. As you can probably guess, we closed the restaurant down at 9, on a Friday night, no less. The ladies and I hadn’t begun to use up all our pent-up words for the night, so we madly searched our smartphones for somewhere else we could go. We scored a place nearby where we could order coffee and maybe indulge in a small dessert, buying ourselves one more precious hour of gab time. Desserts, coffee, and conversation were flowing freely at our little table. Once again, we were living it up on a dark, cold, rainy Friday night. Closing time came all too quickly. Still not ready to call it a night, don’t judge, we moved our small party to one of our cars parked in a safe spot, under a bright street light in front of the restaurant.

Lots of laughter ensued as we enjoyed swapping stories until that is, a very bright light appeared behind us. What in the world, we thought. You can imagine our surprise when we were greeted by a smiling policeman. Yeah, a policeman! Super friendly, for sure. Just doing his job ensuring we were on the up and up. Surprisingly, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I’d had a similar situation happen a couple years ago with another friend, in a different parking lot, on another night. It was then that we knew our night had come to a rather abrupt end. It did leave us scratching our heads, wondering why anyone would see us Moms and think we were up to no good. You’d think we lived in a crime-riddled, paranoid community. After all, we were just moms on a night out trying to enjoy some much-needed time to ourselves.

The moral of my story: end the party inside the restaurant, no matter the time, because as my Momma said long ago: nothing good happens after midnight. I guess she was right!














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