Some weeks….WAIT! Some DAYS are flat out peace-LESS. Can I get a witness?

As a Momma, we seek out peace don’t we? Quiet, stress-free, coffee sippin’ moments where we can literally drink in peace. It’s a beautiful thing, but oftentimes all too rare. Although these moments may very well be few and far between, this is what makes them all the more treasured when we do get them. Agree?

Lately, I’ve been longing for moments of peace. Like, need some mental health breaks before this Momma loses her ever-lovin’ mind. Can you tell I’m southern, born and bred? From the moment I wake up til the time I lay my head down for the night, peace eludes me. At least it seems that way. I’ve found that peace can be stolen moments here and there. Not trying to get too personal, but a moment or two in the bathroom is welcomed peace. A walk to the mailbox to retrieve the mail, or a couple moments to collect the trashcans on trash pick-up day are a couple of stolen moments I’m talking about.

Sure, dinner out with a friend, or a date night with the hubs, even a quiet moment at the local coffee shop reading a book are probably what we’re really wanting. Yet, if you and I were able to experience these moments every day, they probably wouldn’t hold the desire and charm they do when we’re only able to grab them here and there. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself! HA!

Recently, I was reminded of a song by one of my fave Christian artists of all time, Twila Paris. The purity of her voice has a calming effect on me. In her song, Peace Be Still, the lyrics truly restore peace to my oftentimes weary mind.

There is an ocean surrounding me
Mostly the water is calm
Just enough breeze to keep me sailing
I feel safe and warm
Angry winds blow suddenly
How this world can threaten me
Then the Master speaks with sure authority

Peace be still, Peace be still
Peace be still to the wind and the waves
Peace be still, Peace be still
Peace be still and the ocean obeys

There is an ocean inside my heart
Mostly the water is calm
Just enough breeze to keep me sailing
I feel safe and warm
Angry winds blow suddenly
I become a churning sea
Then I hear a quiet voice–He says to me

(Repeat Chorus)

The Lord is good, so good in fact, that He longs to give us the desires of our heart. However, they may not always come in the package we envision. We might find peace like me, within the lyrics of a song. Peace may come to us in the sweet, innocent laugh of a child. Waves crashing upon the sandy shore, might speak peace to you. And peace may come to you in a beautiful, seemingly hand-painted sunset. I like to think of these as stolen moments. Bits of peace to restore the soul here and there. Moments to look forward to, to cherish and soak into the spirit.

Peace may not come in the package we expect. I know I long for large quantities of peaceful moments, such as a relaxing massage or even a movie in the theater all by myself. These are wonderful, but they are few and far between treats to look forward to. In the meantime, open your eyes to those simple things which speak peace to you. I find myself asking the Lord to multiply these moments. Consider quieting the mind as you take in these bits of peace. Drink them in as water to your thirsty soul. Refreshment is just around the corner. I’m looking for it….are you?









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