Not even 9:00

Not even 9:00

You know how some days just start off on the wrong foot? Like your two feet barely hit the floor from last night’s sleep, when “it” all starts. Next thing you know, you meet yourself coming and going! Exactly, one of THOSE kinds of days! You wish you could just run and crawl back in your nice, warm, cozy bed and pull the covers over your head, escaping to “La La land,” where ignorance is bliss.

“Those days” don’t allow you to have a cup of coffee, much less sip one. A shower may not even be in your day’s future. The pound in your head isn’t someone at your door relentlessly demanding your attention. Non-stop barking from your dog who’s upset for no apparent reason will not subside. Demands weighing on your shoulders, begging for your full attention with no time to process. It’s not more hours in the day you’re after, it’s less hours and more P&Q.

Thankfully, these days don’t happen often. Sadly, however, one of them landed right smack dab in the midst of an already trying week for me. Not being a morning person, it takes me just a few minutes (who am I kidding, an hour!) to operate on all cylinders.  Before I swept sleep from my eye, I was scouring the internet in desperate search for a new smart phone as one of the two of ours was on death’s door. In the midst of  trying to score a deal, faint sounds of my 6 yr old stirring in his room could be heard. Suddenly I remember it’s trash pick-up day, meaning I need to kick it into high gear to empty and scoot the cans out to the curb. Once inside, the thought hits me like a 2X4 that I haven’t made my husband’s lunch and he’s 10 minutes from heading out the door! Whining from our empty-stomached dog reminds me he’s out of dog food. Before I can scribble the words on my To Do list, my son’s squalling that the TV remote is lost. Tearing into the sofa cushions in search of that, only to hear the familiar ring of our only working cell phone. Hanging up from the Dr’s office to make a quick run to the bathroom, I hear the feet of my son hitting the kitchen floor as he’s hurriedly scavenging through the cabinets like a mouse on a mission for food. Once again the barking dog starts up, wind whipped trash cans need to be brought in before the downpour starts, my kid is screaming for his oatmeal, and……’s not even 9AM!

All I really wanted to do was get up, splash water on my face, run a comb through my short-cropped hair, sip a hot cup of coffee while reading my Bible. Instead, as my blood pressure is edging up from the morning’s chaos, I take a deep breath and quietly ask the Lord for a do-over. Settling down into the soft cushion of my sofa, I pull out my Bible and began to take in the Lord’s truth. His Words are like honey to my  weary soul (Proverbs 24:14, Psalm 119:28, Proverbs 2:10).  I ask Him to transform and renew my mind (Romans 12:2). I ask Him to redeem my day and to restore peace to my frazzled mind (Philippians 4:7). He reminds me I’m the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8), and that He is rejoicing over me with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). His Spirit reminds me to dress myself in the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Donning each piece, I slowly and steadily find myself ready to take on the day while remembering that it is He who fights for me (Exodus 14:14).



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