“Just a mmmmiiiiinnnnnuuuuuuttttteee!”


late-riser-149016_640Yeah, those are the 3 words I holler out every morning without fail. Without.Fail.

You see, it seems no matter what time my feet hit the floor in the morning, whether it’s 6:30, 6:45, or 7 even, if I’m fortunate I can splash cold water on my face, make a cup of hot coffee and exchange a few words with my husband before my day kicks into high gear, and I do mean HIGH gear! If I’m really blessed, I’ll manage to down a half cup of my refreshing, steamy coffee and perhaps even start putting my husband’s lunch together before hearing the pleasant sounds of, “MmmoooooommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyY!”


It’s at this point that I wait a few more minutes on the off-chance that the boy will roll over and go back to sleep. Yeah, right! Although, there are days when this does occur, it is a rarity and typically only happens when we have to be up and out for some commitment. Naturally. The pleasant sounds of the boy crying out yet again overtakes my ears, and if I’m fortunate, my husband will go in to the boy’s room in an effort to buy me a few more minutes to finish preparing and packing his lunch. Oh, how good it feels to actually complete a task! I’m oh so happy to reward my hubby with a hug and a kiss for sparing just a tad more time for me.

Upon greeting my son, it’s then that the few delicious consumed caffeinated drops of coffee kick in and I have to make a run for the bathroom! Once there, the melodious tones of “Mmmmoooommmmmmyyyyyyy!” echo to the back of the house where I sit, to which I shout back, “What?!?!??!?” And on the heels of that come, “I’m SO hungry!” I give it a few more precious seconds before I hear, “Mmmmmoooooommmmmyyyyyyy, I want oatmeal, a muffin and some yogurt!” My reply, “give me just a sec, son!” And before I can make a full appearance into the room where he sits, the demand is uttered yet again, “I’m sooooo hungry, Mommyyyyyyy!” Picturing in my mind the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial where the man walks with his arms outstretched uttering, “time to make the donuts,” in his half-asleep stupor, I scoot along to the kitchen to prepare the requested breakfast for my now starving child.   cereal-556786_640.jpg

As I reach for the half-nuked, remaining sips of coffee, I call out to the boy to come eat his requested breakfast. Embroiled in the video we checked out from the library yesterday, he fails to heed my invitation for food. I decide to make my delicious protein shake concoction as he continues to ignore my beckoning calls for breakfast. Starving myself, I sit down with my delicious shake, while he continues to ignore my invitation to join me at the table. I remind him he ordered this food and won’t be getting anything else until lunch, so he’d better pause his video and come eat. Minutes later, he decides to make his way to the table where he proceeds to complain, “yuck! I don’t want this!” And, so begins the battle of “either sit down and eat, or go to your room; but if you choose not to eat, you’ll get nothing to eat until lunchtime.” Cue the tears. Lots of them. Power struggle ensues. And, I’ll spare you the details of what transpired next. Suffice it to say, the boy came to the conclusion that eating his now half-warm oatmeal was in his best interest. I think he knew by now that I was fully armed with consequences and was not backing down!


And all of this unfolds before 9:30AM. By this time, I’m over it and haven’t even finished my much desired shake, or dressed, or anything else for that matter. I’m feeling emotionally tired already. What I’d like to do at this point is head upstairs to the treadmill to work off some frustration and read my daily devotion, in hopes of rescuing what’s left of the already crazy morning. But I can’t. You see, to leave the boy to his own devices while I retreat away to peace, or exercise, is an open invitation to disaster. Nothing good ever comes from me leaving the room he’s in. Discouraged, I head to my bedroom, quickly brush my teeth, dress, and prepare for the day. We go about the routine of our day: school, errands, play and reading time, and any work I have to complete while he watches a favorite show. Hubby calls declaring he’s on his way home from work, and I head to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I’m always so happy to greet my hubs upon his arrival! I’ve missed him and look forward to now sharing the parental obligations until we can have maybe an hour alone together before he retires to bed for the night. Alas, the long-awaited time has come that I’ve dreamed about all day, after of course my husband coming home…..ME time! I look forward to watching a routinely recorded show as I relax on the sofa and sometimes even drift off to sleep until I, too, retire to the bedroom. Pure bliss transpires over 6-6.5 hours of (uninterrupted, I hope!) zzzzzz’s before the hour arrives to wake up and do it all over again. Ahhhhh, the life of a Momma. Crazy tiring yet fun, demanding yet exciting, and the hardest yet best job in the world!






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