What’s the point?!

What’s the point?!

I’ve heard it said that if you’re a Mom with children, cleaning your house is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos! Once I heard this, I had to chuckle, because I could (and still can!) totally relate. The vision I had of a child eating oreos and brushing his teeth at the same time captured exactly how I feel every time I attempt to clean our house. Just as the word picture so accurately depicts, I find myself getting frustrated that no matter how much I do to clean, wash/fold laundry, and pick up, it’s only a matter of minutes before my child destroys my efforts. My conclusion: what’s the point?!

Jokingly, my husband proclaims that when I’m in “cleaning mode,” he doesn’t want to be anywhere near me! I suppose it’s true. I do get in a zone. Honestly, I hate cleaning especially when I know it’s not going to stay that way for very long. The reaching, the stooping, crawling, and scrubbing makes me want to yack, especially when taking on the bathroom. I know I’m the picture of loveliness clad in purple gloves, sweat dripping off my face, scurrying around like a mouse after a hunk of cheese. I want to get it done and over with. I want to believe that all my sweaty efforts will yield a clean house for more than a few minutes.

So, I had to laugh when my husband who purchased one of those robotic-type vacuums, decided to send it out on a cleaning venture one night when to my delight, our child was snacking on the sofa, making a mess of crumbs all over himself and the floor. As I entered the room where this fiasco was taking place, all I could hear was my husband loudly chastising our son, “my goodness, son! you’re making such a mess over there and I’m trying to vacuum the floor!” Honestly, I had to stifle a chuckle at his frustration with our child because this is precisely what I complain to my husband about keeping house with a child. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!



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