What happens at Grandma’s,…


We recently returned from our typical summer travels taking us fifteen or so hours to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. My husband and I threw in the towel on flying once our son became a full-priced ticket. We discovered all the benefits of being in control of our schedule by driving to our destination. Albeit a lonnnnnnggggg two-day drive, we make the most of it with lots of yummy snacks, dvds galore, music loaded on the ipod for the hubs and me, books, e-readers, with plenty of food, and potty breaks along the way.

Unlike memories of past summer trips to Grandma’s, this one made a rather odd detour soon after arriving.  I somehow pulled a muscle in my back, which quickly became more pronounced as the muscles around it began to over-compensate. Before I knew it, I could hardly move any which way without feeling a grabbing, stabbing, pulling in my back. As other symptoms began to pop up indicative of a kidney stone, we soon felt an urgency to make a trip to the local ER. This was not how I wanted to spend our time away to which my husband quickly exclaimed, “you’ve been wanting a night out together!” As much as I wanted to break out in a belly laugh at his entertaining words, it hurt like crazy to laugh, much less cough, or sneeze for that matter.

I’ll spare you the bizarre goings-on at the hospital that rainy, road-flooding, holiday week-end evening. Suffice it to say there were no less than 4 police cars parked at the emergency entrance of the hospital. Loud screaming could easily be heard coming from a room just a few doors down from my curtained-off makeshift room. While awaiting my bed ride to have a CT scan done, I could hear expletives flying with more screaming! To my surprise, an officer appeared with a pair of handcuffs he was scrubbing off under the water at the nearby sink. To top it off, a baby’s ear splitting scream waffled through the hallway. Let’s just say, the ER that Saturday night was full of excitement! Meanwhile, I just wanted relief from the pain I was in, hoping to find out what was causing it, and dreaming of going back to sleep at Grandma’s.

Fortunately, the scan of my back and kidneys didn’t reveal any stones; yet it did prove the intense muscle spasms I was enduring. Unfortunately, the IV medication wasn’t relieving my intense pain. The next thing I knew, a rather burly nurse entered my room declaring there wasn’t anything else they could do for me so she would process my release. I’m not gonna lie; I was quite happy to be discharged but puzzled that nothing had been diagnosed or prescribed to relieve me of these painful spasms. My semi-medicated, loopy minded self was less than happy as we left the ER in pouring rain.

After a quick stop to the local drugstore, we made it back to Grandma’s safe and sound. This was the beginning of my long stint in a reclining chair. Little by little, the deep spasms in my muscles started to release with the help of a tens machine and muscle relaxer medication. Although I missed several outings while laid up, there was a silver lining to my botched plans. I received an unexpected, yet much needed break from keeping watch over my energy-riddled son. My injury suddenly became a blessing in disguise as I had days of loving care. No longer did I feel cheated by this so called injury! I had discovered a long overdo rest as everyone pitched in to keep control of our busy boy, and see that I had whatever I needed to be comfortable and recover.

In life, sometimes it’s easy to look at a situation that is not at all what we expected or anticipated and call it what it is, a terrible inconvenience. I definitely felt that way until I realized that God had lovingly built in some time to decompress, rest, find quiet moments of which I rarely ever get. It was then that I found myself praising God that if the mishap had to occur, it did so when we were with family where I could receive help. God is good, but we have to ask Him to give us the eyes to see it!

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  1. So happy to read there was nothing serious wrong!!! You right, Aimee, sometimes God puts things in our life for good reasons!!! Although, sometimes it’s later when we see why He planned it that way!! He is so wonderful!!!

    Hugs to you and Brian!!!


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