Hello, Summer!



Even though the calendar doesn’t claim the day until late June, the thermometer doesn’t lie when it boasts 80 and 90 degree temps in May and early June! Heat is not my friend, but I’ve learned to embrace it a la poolside. I’ve always loved being at the pool but let’s just say up until 5.5 years old, that big hole filled with sparkly blue water was anything but relaxing!

We kicked off this summer season with swim lessons. Layering skills each summer has made all the difference and all at once, it seems, everything begins to click. Arms and legs begin to move together in sync as the body moves much like a fish through the water. Goggles make diving for toys more exciting, and kids on floats turn the pool into a huge playground in the water! With sunscreen, canteens of cold water, and plenty of snacks, a whole new world has opened before me where I don’t have to be a “smother” any longer in the pool. I can enjoy watching from a distance (oh, so very closely, mind you) as my son frolics happily in the water!

It’s amazing how something as simple as that can give a Momma newfound freedom! Suddenly, summer has become a much more enjoyable season from one who detests being hot! So, bring on the heat, I’ll be submerged in that big hole filled with sparkly blue water!

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