Purposeful Respite

Purposeful Respite

You might say I’ve been on a respite or a break, call it what you will. I may have felt a little uninspired actually. Life certainly wasn’t without drama and stories, yet words just would not come. Actually I had allot on my mind and still do!

While “on hold” with my creative brain, I have been doing much research. Interviewing, reading, listening, and conference attending….all for a purpose. I’ve been busy praying, learning and soul-searching to determine whether or not home schooling is for me. There, I said it! It feels good to let those words fly from my lips! I’m one of those who keeps silent and introspective whenever I’m pondering a new adventure. My purpose in keeping under wraps is so that I’m not swayed by others unsolicited opinions or advice. Rather, I want to hear from the Lord, blocking out all other distractions. Once I’ve heard from Him, my M.O. is to do what I’ve been busily doing to get a good grasp on what I’m about to step into.

After weeks of consideration, I landed on a curriculum for my active boy who will begin kindergarten in the fall. Now that I have that settled, purchased, and sitting on my dining room table, the planning will begin. I’m really excited to learn and explore alongside my son! I am certain there will be days I will dream of putting him on the yellow bus. I’m quite confident that there will be days upon days where I’m frustrated with his lack of focus and even interest. It’s a whole new world I’m navigating, but I feel that our family has been called to this. One step at a time, all with God holding my hand.

Stay tuned for my adventures of the home school kind laced with the same whatnot you’ve come to expect from my writings of the past. At last, my words are coming back and I’m excited to get back to the good ‘ol laptop!

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  1. Yea to new adventures! I know God will give you all you need for success. Look forward to reading all about it!


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