On the search for wisdom


By now you should already know that I’m a fan of mentoring and that I seek to have a teachable spirit. I enjoy learning how to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and daughter of Jesus. I like to surround myself with people who are a little further down the road from me and where I am at this current stage of my life. “As iron sharpens iron,…” (Proverbs 27:17) friends are invaluable assets to me, along with God’s Word, of course.

That said, I’ve become acquainted with another read that has captured my attention, thanks to a friend’s recommendation over coffee. Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony is my latest read. It has offered numerous nuggets of wisdom to me already!

I’m so thankful for resources available to us in just about any and every format. Radio programs are great when I’m working; books/audio books, blogs, and e-readers are great to plug into whenever possible. More importantly, however, is making time to be in God’s Word, encompassing all of God’s wisdom.




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