Even Encouragers Need Encouragement


Encouragers. These are people you enjoy being around because they make you feel good about yourself, about life, and genuinely just want to bring a little sunshine to your day. So what does it really mean to encourage, you ask? Well, according to Webster: to inspire with courage, spirit or hope; to attempt to persuade; to spur on; to give help or patronage to.

Encouraging people tend to look outside themselves and find the good in others. I believe they enjoy lifting others’ spirits in an effort to see themselves as other people may see them. After all, we all tend to be introspective to a fault at times. Sure, life gets hard, difficult, and seemingly impossible at times. To have someone such as an encourager walk beside you, help you to see life from a greater perspective, offering kind and uplifting words at a time like this is like water to dry land.

That being said, encouragers also need encouragement. We may perceive them as having life all figured out, walking on sunshine, and continuously smiling. I don’t suspect this is the case! We all need to be edified from time to time. Each of us has been gifted by God’s grace and divine plan; some happen to be encouragers.

I challenge you to keep your eyes peeled for one or more encouragers in your circle of influence. As you feel led, I urge you to ask them how they are doing. Hopefully, with God’s help, you’ll be able to discern if they might just need a little encouragement in their life. God may very well use you to brighten their dampened spirit.

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