the struggle is real, folks!


I’ve written previously about my son’s issue with the “big boy potty”. Well, the saga continues….

Pardon me while I vent just a moment. Can I just tell you how disgusted I am by the whole episode? Changing a baby’s diaper is one thing, no matter how bad the blowout might be. However, changing the underpants of a four and a half year old is wearing. me. out. in every way. Just last week, we had no less than 5 pair, if not more, underpants in a bucket outside to be rinsed out so they could make it to the washing machine. Needless to say, keeping up with the laundry is a part-time job.

Okay…stepping off my soapbox now. Be thankful that I “cleaned it up” for you as my emotions tend to run high during such episodes.

Just this past Sunday evening and Monday morning we had a huge party at my house celebrating “the dispatchment” placed in the potty. There were high fives, gifts, snuggles, clapping and hooray-ing!!! Lots of positive affirmation for a job well done. We were so happy and just knew this was the end of our dilemma. May I just tell you that by Tuesday morning, all successes were flushed down the potty. What, you ask? Yep, the potty-in-the-pants started up on Tuesday morning just prior to leaving the house for school. We were so disappointed. Well, accidents do happen, so grace was extended. But, hold the phone! It happened yet again Wednesday morning just as I was finishing my breakfast. Utterly disgusted, he was cleaned up and re-directed to do it in the potty next time.

Why am I sharing this? I heard recently from a behavior management class we’ve been taking since October, that this potty-in-the-pants habit is quite common for boys of this same age. I was shocked! I truly felt as if we were one-in-zillion with this problem. Granted, I’m well aware that our issues could be much, much worse BUT ya’ll it is so disgusting that I can hardly take it anymore.

We’ve read (& watched!) potty books & videos more times than I can count. We’ve rewarded with stickers, toys, candy, treats & the winner-take-all prize: Chuck E Cheese. You would think the boy would be running to the potty to collect on his winnings….WRONG! Both positive affirmation and negative/punishment have been doled out. Taking away toys, tv time, parties, & play dates have yielded nothing. We’ve read parenting book after parenting book on the strong-willed child with no change of behavior.

I would love to hear from you if you’re in a similar battle with your boy or girl. I’m certainly not above trying something new. Let me hear from  you!!!








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  1. We have had the same struggles for the past 6 months…I think there has been a 4 month stretch of time where all the poops were in the pull up. Well now we are 4 years looks and we have recently gone strictly to big boy underwear. This has given me new inspiration to get the poop in the potty. Starting last Monday I have had Colton repeating a daily affirmation of “today/tomorrow I am going to poop on the potty and play with my iPad. Surprisingly it worked completely for a whole week. And, now it is not working. I keep telling myself “he won’t be going to high school with poop in his pants.”

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