I might just throw in the towel!


Oh dear me!

There aren’t sufficient emoticons to convey how I’m feeling today. Suffice it to say that this day takes me back to when I was a working woman (outside the house, that is!) and it took everything within me to not turn in my resignation. Yeah, it was that bad.

Problem is, when you’re a Mom, you can’t just ‘throw in the towel’ much less resign. It’s just not an option. Not unless your new fashion statement is a striped jumpsuit!

All kidding aside, today’s naughtiness ranks at the top of the list, if not garnering first place. Thankfully, up until now anyway, I’ve been able to keep my emotions in check and my voice way below the shouting level. I have to give credit where credit is due, mind you. All the credit for my temper in check goes to the Lord. Honestly.

The naughty streak all began after a morning of fun, even educational games. It was just the two of us playing make believe, watching a couple of his fave TV learning programs, snacks and then…..

  • pump hairspray poured down the commode
  • blue crayon (thankfully it was washable!) drawn all over my dining and kitchen walls
  • chairs from kitchen and dining room moved in such a way to barricade me from coming in the kitchen
  • my kitchen looks like it was hit by an F4 tornado
  • a concoction of dish soap, and a brand new unopened bottle of bath soap with water was poured all over my kitchen table & floor. Oh, and did I mention a little honey?!

Shall I continue? Oh mercy, just re-living this rampage through writing has caused the anger to swell up inside. Amazingly I have remained calm (the Lord’s work). Whenever I start screaming, the behavior only gets worse, if you can believe that. Although I want to throw up my hands and ball up on the floor, crying it out, I know that isn’t the solution. I’m trying to behave as an adult rather than throw a temper tantrum.

Days like today (praise God they are few and far between!) can only be dealt with in much prayer. I’m not saying discipline isn’t in order. It most certainly is and has already been administered, at least half of it (I left the path of destruction for my hubby to find when he comes home), so a second round of discipline will most definitely take place. Ultimately though, I need the Ultimate Father to grant me His wisdom. You might say I’ve pretty well reached the end of myself. I need divine intervention at this point.

It’s days like this that I am thankful for God’s grace, for a new morning and a new chance to make things right. Thankful for prayer where I can pour my heart out to the One who can transform my heart, and that of my child. Thankful that He grants wisdom to those who ask for it. Grateful for life and the gift of a new day!





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  1. Well, I’m the last person who could give advice on this so I won’t. I will, however, tell you that I share your prayer for “divine intervention” on days where I feel like throwing in the towel. You’re right, God can transform our hearts and that makes all the difference. God bless!


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