Is it wrong?


If you’d have seen me just a few minutes ago, you might’ve witnessed the rare occurance of moi doing some back flips! Crazy, huh? Yeah, it is, quite honestly, since I don’t have an athletic bone in my body! Sad, but true. I do enjoy some yoga and walking, but that’s a story for another day.

You see, I’ve been counting down the days til our Mother’s Day Out (MDO) program resumed after Christmas break. Ya’ll the struggle is real! I don’t know what it was, but my little was starved for some interaction with his buddies, I guess, and I’m quite certain this Momma was starved for a little peace and quiet. Whew!

The guilt comes in because I love my boy so much, more than I can express. Butttttt, his 4 year old energy and temper tantrums as of late are driving me straight to the funny farm. I’m not kidding. Even my sweet hubby who has the patience of Job, agrees. It doesn’t help that my boy stillllllllll poops in his pants AT FOUR YEARS OLD! Ya’ll, it is killing me to have to clean him up I’m over it! Who in Sam’s Hill still potties in his pants at 4 years of age?! (Apparently, as of last night, I’m not alone. Someone I met at our hairdresser’s yesterday has a boy with the same issue, mind you!) Amazingly he doesn’t at school. Makes me mad because as soon as he’s within feet of our house, all bets are off.

Let’s be clear: it’s not like I’m propped up on my laurels eating bon bons or anything resembling that! On the contrary, I’m making long-overdue phone calls to our insurance company and other such correspondence. I’m washing/drying clothes and cleaning my dirty house. I’m purging our over-stuffed closets. I’m picking up groceries from the beloved Walmart grocery pick-up service which I swear is God’s gift to Mommas.

The thing is, I feel a bit spoiled these days, you might say. Why you ask? Because until this past fall, I’ve not had my child enrolled in any sort of daycare, MDO, sitter, or the like. I relished my time with him (well, most of it, if I’m being honest) and wasn’t ready to turn loose of my child….or my funds. Fast-forward to this past September, and I couldn’t open my wallet fast enough! Sad, but true. My cherub is now a proud member of MDO and I didn’t cry a drop that first day I walked him in to class….or since. It has been a gift of God to be able to be a SAHM in the first place. To be able to send him to school just 2 half days a week has been a much-needed sanity break. Honestly, I feel like a woman of leisure.

I’d love to know if any of you out there are feeling the guilt after sending your rug rats, I mean, ah hem, children back to school? Please tell me I’m not alone!!!! What do you do with your time apart? Are you exercising, catching up on chores, like me? working a part time job, home-schooling other kiddos in your home? Shopping? Meeting friends for coffee and lunch? Do tell. Curious minds want to know.




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