thank you


November is naturally the time of year that we tend to think of all the many things and people we are thankful for. I’m sure Pinterest is loaded with ideas and crafty ways to encourage your children and family to get involved.

If you are like me, you probably have great ideas rolling around in your brain, or pinned on your Pinterest page! The busyness of life unfortunately robs our good intentions and steals our time, even our desire. You are probably on the same page with me now if you see where this going….yes, we need to be more intentional. I agree wholeheartedly! However, what I’m discovering in this over-the-top-craftiness world we’re living in, is that it’s quite alright if you are not the crafty type. It’s okay if we’re super busy keeping our family afloat.

What am I proposing, you ask? Well, for me, at this stage of my life as a busy Mom of a very busy 4 year old boy, I don’t have much time to myself to create if I ever even had the creative bug bite me! LOL! I’m doing quite well if I can keep the house picked up, laundry done and put away, lunches packed, groceries in the pantry and dinner on the table. So, for me, it makes more sense to break up my tasks into smaller, more attainable pieces. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl.

Before I totally lose you here, I’m simply suggesting that if you’re anything like me, rather than trying to conjur up, measure up, keep up, just KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly). What this looks like for me, is to simplify in every sense of the word. Rather than stress out over choosing just the right card to thank someone, just proclaim it to them. Simple! Rather than creating some lofty craft before the holidays hit, find a sizeable jar you already have lying around your house and encourage everyone in the family to write one thing they are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving; on the special day of thanks, go around the table pulling the strips of paper with special words of thankfulness and read it aloud. Bam!

Trying to keep up with the proverbial Jones’ is exhausting…and, who are these so-called Jones people anyway? The point is to incorporate a heart of thankfulness and spread it among family and friends. A simple smile and a kind word go a long way communicating to others how you feel. Don’t keep it inside, putting it off for another year. Start small and you’ll be surprised at how you will receive the blessing!

Thankful: feeling or showing thanks, grateful. Conscious of benefit received. Expressive of thanks. Well pleased.








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