“the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”


This from a book I remember having as a young child. Poor Alexander experienced what he thought was his worst.day.ever. I loved this book so much, I had to purchase it through our school’s book fair. If only life was as simple as Alexander’s worst day.

Without divulging and reliving the “terrible” day I experienced recently, suffice it to say that it was so bad that I was literally sobbing as the “terrible” continued to unfold and threatened to not let up. Eventually it was more than I could take, so my husband wound up coming home early to offer his help and support. What an amazing husband I have.

The really cool part though took place at, of all places, a pizza place where I buzzed by to pick up our supper. It was not a pretty picture as I didn’t have a stitch of make-up on, had had a horrible day and my eyes were all red from crying, which I can’t recall ever doing in front of my child because of naughty behavior on his part. This was a first for me. Anyhow, I dashed in to pick up my order and of course of all days, there was a line. In my mind, this only added to the bad day I was already having. I sat down and as I sat there a minute or two, I noticed a woman looking at me out of my peripheral vision. Understand, I didn’t feel social or in any mood to chat with anyone, much less a stranger.

The waiting continued for like twenty minutes. WHAT?! Like this has never happened to me and we frequent this place quite often. Once again, I caught this woman looking at me and so I turned to her and lo and behold, I had met her briefly months and months ago at one of our local fast food haunts (terrible eating habits, I know) for lunch. She along with her husband and two young boys sat at the adjoining table to ours. We exchanged a few niceties at the time about our toddler boys which led to quite the discussion about schooling, etc. to the point that we actually exchanged names and phone numbers. Fast forward to this moment, waiting on my pizza, when we cross paths again.

I believe it was a divine appointment. As we waited together on our orders, she spoke some real life into my weary and down-trodden spirit. I felt so much better having talked to this long lost stranger, of sorts. She encouraged me spiritually and helped me to know that I’m not alone in this “valley” I’m currently in. Suddenly, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I was actually smiling when our visit was over.

Never underestimate the impact of encouragement you can bring to someone. A simple smile, a hug, an understanding nod, or better yet, a thoughtful prayer may be just what someone needs who may be feeling they are suffering silently. Yes, even at an over-crowded pizza place. “God with skin on” is what I like to call it. He often works through others to encourage or even help. You may be someone God wants to use, if you’re willing. Don’t miss out on the blessing it can be, even to a stranger.








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