Snap away!

Snap away!

Each night before tucking my son into bed, the following words are uttered from his little mouth, “Mommy, prayers?” That is my cue to take my spot alongside his bed, next to his Daddy for bedtime prayers. It is so precious and means so much to both of us because that has become an important part of his young life, as is ours. He has been taught and trained to offer his prayers throughout the day, and especially at bedtime. We are thankful to God he has fashioned his own simple heartfelt prayers night after night.

Equally as enduring to me are the words he says following his request for prayers, “Hold me, hold me”. He runs up to me with a big smile, his arms raised high requesting me to pick him up and carry him to his little bed for our nightly ritual of prayers. Upon lifting him, he generally hears me say “oh my, you are getting so heavy!” to the tune of my back creaking under the added weight. He giggles and replies, “yes, (I’m) getting so heavy!”

These are the moments that are worth gold to me! I tuck them away in the recesses of my mind for the days that are hard and draining. I treasure his (now) higher pitched baby boy voice, which will change in due time to a much lower manly tone. The smooth face I love to kiss throughout the day will grow rough whiskers to be shaved when the time comes. Eventually, it won’t be so cool to run to Mommy with arms upraised beckoning me to come say bedtime prayers; nor will he ask me to hold him.

Good thing you can’t see me on the other side of this screen; you’d find a tear-stained face staring back at you. So, when the days at times seem unending, without relief anytime soon, I try to envision these snapshots of life in my weary brain. These ever-preserved moments serve to remind me that my son is only 3 1/2. He’s acting and doing things that a young boy do. It is unfair of me to expect him to act like a child 3 times his age, or older. Ultimately, I find myself wondering if I’d really want to fast-forward that many years ahead. I quickly snap back into the present and realize that I want to love him in the season he’s in. I don’t want to miss out on these precious, fleeting moments that will be gone all too quickly.

Life can be trying at times, as Motherhood is; however, these are the moments that will serve as sweet memories as the years take us far away. What I need, what we all need, is to be present in the moment. Enjoy the days, embracing each one, because all too soon, they will be a simple memory. Boy, am I ever preaching to the choir!!! Sometimes, my more mature self has to reach down and have a stern chat with my immature, selfish self.

So, let’s not allow our joy to be stolen away! Embrace it all: good, bad and the ugly. All are the moments that make up a life well-lived. Write about it, capture photos and videos of it and tuck them away in journals and baby books. Don’t miss out because, just like a vapor, it will vanish into another phase. Relish each and every moment. Life is a precious gift without guarantee for tomorrow.







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