“Oh no, you didn’t!”

“Oh no, you didn’t!”

Ever heard yourself say that? Be honest.

Awwwww yeah! I overhear myself saying ‘that phrase’ quite often, all with a cringing feeling deep down inside. If you have a three-and-a-half year old, surely you must know what I’m talking about!

So with that stage being set, while at a recent outdoor park play date, I overheard a young Mom, quite possibly half my age mind you, yelling a harsh “NO!” to their youngin’. The pure angst in her voice couldn’t be ignored, not by me anyway. This Mom was hot, and I’m not talking temperature here. This stranger, yet fellow Momma and I locked eyes through our sunglasses. I couldn’t help but let out a knowing giggle at the disgust she felt with her kiddo. No, I wasn’t laughing at her, or making fun of her predicament; I could relate to her frustration of once again having to correct the same. negative. behavior. yet. again. in her young child.

After “the incident” passed, we Moms found ourselves commiserating over this particular stage in our childs’ lives, which eventually led to laughter and smiles. It was medicine to my heart to witness another Momma, regardless of her being a stranger, on this journey of motherhood feeling such frustration. Somehow, the comedy comes in to play when you can laugh at someone else’s child, rather than your own!

Community is so important. Like-minded, equally invested others who are walking the same, if not similar path. For me, it helps diffuse the anger and frustration I may be experiencing, just knowing I’m not alone. We need each other and we can learn from one another, if we will allow it.

The lesson learned: don’t take yourself too seriously, let your ‘hair’ down, keep the emotions in check and realize no one is alone on this journey. We’re all in it together in some form or another, as long as we’re being authentic. Being a “super Mom” is a myth; don’t fall prey to that lie. Allow God to use you in someone else’s life and recognize how He may be giving you a chuckle while identifying with someone else in the same boat.



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