for the love….no more “WHY?”!

for the love….no more “WHY?”!

WHY? But whyyyyyyyyyy?”

Has your Little started asking the ever popular, sometimes irritating question that seems to never stop? Mine too! It started on the cusp of him turning three. All the way home from a long 15 hour car trip….

We decided we would try to not be so irritated by this “WHY?” thing. How, you ask? Well, we realized that his little brain was whirling with questions which helped him to learn and absorb all kinds of information. Somehow, the WHY question wasn’t quite so aggravating to us anymore.

Try to imagine yourself as a curious toddler where the world is a new, exciting and sometimes scary place. We’ve all been there, if you’re reading this. Yes, it takes incredible patience to deal BUT, if dealt with correctly, it can spawn all kinds of learning, teachable moments and education for a young mind. So, I try not to shun the WHY any longer and embrace it instead.

Rather than being tempted to pull out your very last strand of hair in anxiety over the big WHY, try to reverse the question to your inquisitive one. This helps them to ponder their own question and encourages their thought process. As I’m writing this, I’m reminding myself of my need to allow my Little to ask questions. It’s healthy.

And, of course, sometimes you just need to reply with “because I said so!” or “ask your Daddy!” or “because God created it that way“. After all, there are times when your own brain is about to cave in if you hear that three letter word one.more.time!

Lastly, sometimes, after a lonnnnnng never-ending day of WHY questions, we just have to reach down, wayyyyyyy down within ourselves and make the deliberate choice to laugh it off. Truly. I need to take my own advice and do this more often, if I’m being honest.

As my husband recently said to me “one day you’re going to look back and wish to hear “WHY?” from him.” I’m willing to bet not, BUT, if I’m being authentic, I’m sure one day down the road, farrrrrrr down the path of life, I just might long to hear his sweet little inquisitive voice in my ear ask “WHY, Mommy” “WHY?” “But WHYYYYYYYYY, Mommy?!”



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