As a Mom, do you ever feel that you have spiritual gifts that are not being utilized? Gifts that you once enjoyed employing, but now are not? I know I do. As a matter of fact, I’ve struggled with it over my short time of being a Mommy. Not that I am not loving being a Mom, but I miss having something that is mine. Something that I do. Something I contribute. I know, as I’m writing this, it sounds as if I’m contradicting myself, as being a Momma should be fulfilling enough.

I recently heard someone speak on this subject and it so inspired me! As a songwriter and singer, this person shared that after becoming a Mom, she feared that she could possibly lose her ability to do what she once loved doing–songwriting. She feared she might even forget her skill after having not used it. I found myself relating to every word she shared. No, I’m not a songwriter or singer, but I do have God-given gifts, as do we all.

Important to remember: there is a time and season for every thing under the sun (read Ecclesiastes). Sometimes our roles in life change for a period of time. That doesn’t mean we will lose our ability to write or lead or sing or whatever. What is encouraging is that it is in these different seasons of life that actually give our gifts color and depth. Our talents are refined, even broadened.

We can ask God to give us opportunities to utilize our gifts in all seasons of our life. If we aim to honor Him with our God-given gifts (James 1:17), how much more will He provide opportunities for their use? Seeking Him and His wisdom might just surprise you. He may have something just for you, just for this season that will blow your socks off….and inspire someone else.



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