& some days are just hard

& some days are just hard

I’m not sure why it is, but Mondays and Fridays seem to be the most challenging for me with my Little. I experienced one last Thursday, Friday and now today which is Monday. Ergghhh! All I know is it makes for a stretch of bad days for this Momma and wears me out emotionally.

I’m learning, however, that I have to be oh so careful as to what I give out as my punishments. Last week’s frustrations led to “no park this Saturday.” In all actuality, it punished my hubby and me all the more. For once, we had beautiful, warm, sunny weather and we were all punished. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I find myself grasping at the one thing I know will get his attention: take away his outside play time.

My husband purchased “The Strong-Willed Child” book for me by Dr. James Dobson. It’s been a long time coming and it’s perched on my coffee table at the moment while I’m venting my frustrations with you. HA! I’m hoping to find some wisdom within its pages to help me parent him better. I’m not used to boys much less active ones or strong-willed ones, even more. I couldn’t love my son any more than I already do and I’m pleased as punch to be chosen to be his Momma. I just wish he’d turn his listening ears on and cooperate with me more, y’know? All in the life of a three year old.

Honestly, days like today bring out the worst in me, sadly, because he knows just how to push my buttons. I’m constantly learning new ways of communicating to him that I am the Mommy and he is the child. He loves to try and reverse those roles. Trying to break his will but not his spirit is quite the task. I’m sure you can relate to mastering one issue only to have a new one rear its head. Reminds me of a game with a hammer and pop-up balls…of course the name of the game has escaped me; after all, I’m only operating on 3 brain cells.

I’m pleased to report that after swiftly taking him off to his room as “time-out” punishment, he fell asleep and woke up a happy boy. I’m grateful to God for that personality change! If all goes well, once he’s finished his snack, we’ll go outside to play in the fresh air. Lord willing, that and some beautiful blue sky along with sunshine, will turn this day right around!

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