How’s your day going?

How’s your day going?

I truly love being able to be home with my boy. Especially on days like today, when it’s cold, lightly snowing and sleeting outside. Such a blessing to not have to get out when you don’t have to. I have to question myself about (motherhood) being “a blessing” when I awaken to my son peeing on the carpet in his room and my dog throwing up in another room. Days like this can make a sane woman question just how sane she is, let me tell you!

I recently spent a morning with a new friend at her house for a play date. Oh my goodness, it was such a refreshing time! Her home was lived in with toys strewn hither and yon, clutter and commotion. This was a welcome friend to me as I fear too often what guests in my home will think of my disorganization and clutter, as if I should be living in a museum or something. HA!

My friend was not bothered by any of the chaos; rather she focused on her guests. She prepared a delicious meal for my son, me and her children. We shared thoughts and traded ideas on parenting. It was a truly special encounter. I left feeling like I’d been to a spa somehow. It felt good to be in a “less than perfect home.” It felt good to be around a normal family with regular messes, problems, chaos and dare I say, children.

My lesson that snowy morning was to not be afraid to let my hair down. To be true to myself and not hide behind the mask of perfection, which is lonely and imprisoning. I decided that day that I don’t want to live that “annual Christmas card” life or face book post. I want to be true to who I am, clutter and all.


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