Lessons from a snow day…


Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 8.55.25 AM

So, today was our first snow of the winter. Mind you, I live in the south, where snow is a big deal because we don’t get it very often. I was happy that although my husband tried to go into work this morning, he had the discernment to return home. You see, here where we reside, we tend to get ice. If you want to get yourself stranded on the interstate during your commute, you realize from past experience that you’re better off to stay where you are, otherwise you know the likelihood of it happening again is rather great. Cars on end, or in a ditch is unfortunately, a rather common site.

As the snow began to really come down, transitioning from the rain we had last night, I started pondering something. Don’t get too excited; it’s really very simple. I thought about the really hard few days we have experienced as a community of faith, that I began to see God’s purity and grace amidst the really sad and depressing week. As I looked out the window, rather than see the snow and ice as an inconvenience, I saw it through fresh, hopeful eyes. It was a beautiful sight. It was as if God was sending the snow to purify and wash clean the details of the past days. God’s grace is allot like that too…a fresh, clean slate. I couldn’t help but smile!


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