Oh Monday! Why so hard on me?

Oh Monday! Why so hard on me?

Ever feel this way? Well, for me, it happens more than I’d like, that’s for sure. Even though I no longer work outside of the home, I still look forward to Fridays so the week-end can begin. After all, my husband works hard outside the home and I look so forward to our family time together.

So, back to my story….Christmas break was over, week-end behind us and a new month with a new year and a first Monday. Sounds negative, I know. I’m not one of those who relishes a fresh start in January. To me, January is, like it or not, depressing. So, clinging to my bed, against my better judgement, I got up. I did manage to have a few quiet moments with my husband to catch the days’ headlines along with at least one cup of coffee before my day lunged into action.

Things started okay until the first cry of the day alerted me that my son was ready to get up and come out of his room. Once he’s up, there’s no gradual awakening with him, it’s full throttle! So, I grabbed my protein shake and started gulping it down, desperate to fill my growling tummy. As I was preparing his snack and tuning in to one of his favorite TV shows, he visited our master bathroom. He’s suddenly infatuated with brushing his teeth. It’s quite the norm to find gobs of blue gel toothpaste lining the bathroom sink begging to be washed down the drain.

This morning however, was quite different and out of the norm. Rather than just brushing his teeth and coming out in the family room to resume his TV watching, he was absent for a few more minutes which is never a good thing. Silence, as much as I enjoy it, just doesn’t occur as long as he’s awake, anyway. Noticing his absence, I quickly made my way into our bathroom only to find the typical mess in the sink and then I turned around to be greeted with a wide smile proudly pointing to his masterpiece within the commode. At first, it looked as if he’d only had some fun with the toothpaste, shaving cream and facial cleanser until I peered in a bit further and spotted a large object wedged into the small opening in the back of the commode.

Since my son is in the early stages of potty training, yes he’s 3, I knew that the brown object wedged wayyyy back in the back of the potty opening couldn’t be what I first imagined it possibly could be. It just couldn’t because he’s yet to put THAT in the potty. I didn’t have my glasses on, and rather than take the time to go get them, I knelt down to get a closer look. Yes, it was that empty thick, hard cardboard spool left from a craft project I’d done just days before. I’m hardly a crafter, but just last week had a bee in my bonnet to create something out of some mesh ribbon I had bought back before Christmas.

Much smaller in diameter and quite a bit thicker than a toilet paper roll, I realized it was starting to unravel in the commode. This is when I reached for the closest thing to me, my son’s spanking spoon. I attempted to jar this thing loose to hopefully unplug the commode, but unfortunately for me, the thing had pretty much disintegrated into several sheets once it hit the water and was partially already down the hatch.

“Oh boy!” I uttered at the mess before me. I quickly interrogated my son who was proudly standing behind me, proud of his work, to see if anything else had gone in the potty. He mentioned a toothbrush but when I took inventory of the counter, realized none were missing. I was relieved! So, I quickly grabbed our handy dandy little plunger and began doing CPR on the toilet until I realized whatever was lodged in there wasn’t going to budge. This is when I threw up my hands and went straight for the laptop to search “clogged toilet” on youtube. I tried a couple “plumber tricks” to no avail. By the way, watching some of these DIY videos would have been more humorous had I not been in the throes of unclogging our much needed commode.

This went on and on throughout my day. Back and forth I logged coveted steps on my Garmin Vivofit as I wore the carpet thin running back to our said throne. Somehow, thanks to the videos I watched, I kept the potty from overflowing as I continued to resuscitate it. All to no avail. UNTIL my husband arrived home at nearly 6:00 that evening. I realized I had used one of our cheaper plungers and that we had a “cadillac” of sorts in the guest bath. So, I ran to get the better of our two and used some of the techniques portrayed on youtube earlier in the day, and VOILA! After give or take 25 flush and plunge maneuvers, I was able to dislodge whatever had been plugging our chair for most of the day!

Needless to say, this had become one stressful and aggravating Monday. I won’t even get into the other toddler tragedies that took place throughout the day. Can you tell I’ve not fully recovered? This is when the revelation came to me that I now have a hidden talent as a plumber! Yeah, not something I really wanted or felt I needed to have on my resume (no offense to plumbers!), but hey! When you’re a Mom, being a plumber is just one of many hats to be worn, am I right?

I am happy to report that I was able to maintain my cool throughout this not-so-happy Monday. I didn’t yell, scream, or cry (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but it has become my MO for longer than I’d like to admit. By the end of the day, as I was enjoying some comedy TV with my hubby, I was able to take it in stride….and laugh. It felt good!

Uh oh! It’s gotten awfully quiet around here….NOW where did he go?! Ooops! Gotta go! Another toddler tragedy in process!!


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