it’s the LITTLE things

it’s the LITTLE things

This morning my son wanted his typical “crackers and milk” while he watched his favorite Popeye cartoon. I knew he’d request this, as he does every morning, so today, I decided to have it all ready and sitting out for him before he uttered a word. I waited; not long, but I waited…. Sure enough, “Mommy, I want crackers and milk,” came his begging request, loud and clear. I just smiled and said, “it’s right there, honey!”

My mind quickly drew a spiritual connection. I was surprised as I’d only consumed half a cup of my morning’s coffee with my mind not fully engaged yet. How many times do we ask God for something and He has to tell us, as any loving parent would do, “Daughter, it’s right there.” Sometimes, we have nothing more to do than to just open our eyes at what’s right in front of us.

That’s all, that’s it. Simple.


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