So, this is something I’m thinking about today: being intentional. If you are anything like me, you find your brain full of good intentions each and every day. Calling a friend just to check-in, writing a note, picking up a little “happy” for someone who needs cheering up, cooking or picking up a meal for someone who needs a break….these are all great ideas and oftentimes these thoughts are planted in our minds for a reason. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I have allowed my busyness to crowd out that still, small voice in my head. Yes, the person I am being prompted to serve in some way is missing out but I, too, am missing out on a blessing by helping or doing for someone else. Have you ever thought of it from that perspective?

Sure, we are all busy. I cannot think of anyone that isn’t busy with work, kids, housework, sickness, etc., etc. None of us are immune to busyness. The secret though is to be intentional. Have you ever been the recipient of someone doing something for you that was purposeful? I have and it is always just at the right time. Why? Because someone felt led to be selfless and think of someone else but rather than letting it stop there, they chose to act on it. Not only were their efforts a huge blessing to me but they in turn felt gladness in their heart for doing something for someone else. It’s a win-win!

One of my favorite ministries (I have several!) is Intentional Living with Dr. Randy Carlson. He has a radio broadcast as well as a website that offers wisdom on this very topic. It has inspired me for years to make the time to do those things that are important. Things that you feel the Lord leading you to do or His Holy Spirit impressing upon your heart to do. Things that really do count for something of eternal value. I know I want to be a part of that but I need to be conscious of it and in tune with God to discern what He may be asking of me. Sure, it is usually at the most inconvenient time to do something not already part of your schedule. But, once you evaluate what is most important, you’ll recognize that what the Lord is impressing on you to do is by far priority.

True, most times, things that we are intentional about, we place great value upon. Reading a book, hitting the grocery store, going to a class, heading to work, even watching our favorite TV show. We can rationalize that watching a favorite TV show is a mainstay in our schedule when what maybe we should be doing is baking cookies with our child for a friend who is sick. For me, I have to ask God for a change of my heart. We are all selfish by nature. We want whatever time for ourselves we can possibly eek out of our day. Nothing at all wrong with that, unless God is impressing upon you to do otherwise.

I can think of many opportunities I’ve missed out on and I’ve felt badly. Badly because an opportunity was missed. Time is often of the essence and if we’re not intentional about doing whatever it is we feel we need to do, we will miss out. My challenge for us both today is to lean in, tune in and discern what it is that you need to be intentional about today. Don’t let time slip through your hands. Be Intentional!

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