P & Q

P & Q

Ahhhhh! How I dearly love it. I don’t get as much as I’d like but I do try to build it in to my schedule as much as possible. How about you? Are you running low in the P & Q department? Surely you know what I’m talking about. “P & Q”, short for peace & quiet. I’m enjoying a little of it right at this moment while my “Little” is otherwise engaged. He’s as happy as a clown and so is this Mama!!

Admittedly, I don’t take advantage of grabbing P & Q moments like I should. My husband is super great about offering me the time, but I always feel so torn. Torn because I’ve missed being with him all day and at the same time, I know it’d be good for me to get out and stroll the grocery store with a cup of coffee, if nothing else.  We all need to take breaks throughout our day. My standard break is during my son’s nap. If I’m not curled up myself for a little respite, then I’m reading a book or cooking supper or catching up on a TV program I’ve recorded.

Back when I was a working girl, I remember feeling guilty about taking breaks as well. Deadlines were breathing down my neck and I surely didn’t want to have to work late, so oftentimes, I lunched at my desk and kept on working. So not good! I found that the stress crept in more and more and it was no one’s fault but mine. My husband would even call during the day to check on me to see if I was taking a much-needed break; he knew I was desperate for a respite from the pressures of work.  A stroll around the building or a walk up and down the stairs, or even sitting outside in the car for some Vitamin D can do miracles for your psyche. Ironically, nowadays, I find myself encouraging my husband to take much-needed breaks during his crazy busy, schedule-driven work day.

While stress in the home is different, it is present nonetheless. It’s vitally important to take a break from the demands of your time and energy to just rest. It is okay to rest. I frequently hear Mom friends say there is no way they can rest; they have too much on their plate. I know I do! I also know I am a better Mom when I stop and take a break. I used to feel guilty for not accomplishing anything during this “free” time I had when my “to do” list was never ending. No longer do I feel this way! I found I’m more patient, at peace, and in a much better frame of mind if I take some time for me.

Once my son wakes from his nap, I’m on duty again. I feel refreshed and ready to take on toddler talk and toddler energy once again with much less frustration and irritability! I find that when my husband is home, after we’ve had our supper, many times, that is when I’ll work on my many chores such as laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. At the same time, my husband is engaging with our son. It is their special time together to play outside, read a book, take a bath or ride their bicycles.

Lesson for the day: Don’t run yourself into the ground and deny yourself a much-needed break. Your husband and child(ren) will probably thank you for it!

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