So, this afternoon, I’m waiting.

Or, I should say, I have been waiting since noon today. It’s been about 3 hours of waiting so far. I don’t enjoy waiting, do you? I find it a waste of my time to wait on someone else whom I have no control over. I must admit, however, waiting as I type, is giving me a whole new perspective on being ‘on time’ myself.

It’s not that I intend on being late to meet someone for something. I fail to manage my time properly thinking I can run the dishwasher or unload the dryer first. Perhaps I can fold these clothes or start this crock pot meal before I need to leave. The next thing I know, I’m stuck in traffic and you guessed it, I’ve arrived late for my appointment.

I’m turning a new leaf today! I’m going to start being early. I learned as a teenager that arriving “on time” is “late”. We were encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early. So, here’s to attempting to arrive early. After all, I’m keeping someone else waiting on my end when I am running late.

Something to ponder….

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