Fall Is My Favorite



I am a true Southerner, born and bred. I like sweet tea, the southern drawl, low-country cuisine, “Gone with the Wind,” chivalry, hearing “yes ma’am” &….Fall! One of the many things I adore about the South is experiencing the beauty of Fall. I love to see the bright yellow, orange and red foliage. I like to imagine our God hand-painting minute details of color with all His mastery & creativity. To me, it is simply gorgeous! I only wish the season lasted a little longer.


I love to cozy up for a nice, relaxing drive in the mountains, staying in a remote cabin, smelling the fresh fall crisp air, taking a hike in the woods & riding my bike, sipping hot apple cider and visiting the apple orchard for freshly picked, seasonable apples.  apple-476988_1280

On this, the very first day of September, I’m already in the mood for all that Fall has to offer even though, it’s not “official” according to the calendar for a few more weeks and the forecast isn’t reflecting the cooler temperatures just yet. It’s coming….we shouldn’t wish away our days. Take time to savor each and every one!


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