A Lesson From the Park


playground-185191_1280 My “little” loves going to the park to play! As a matter of fact, I have a favorite park I like for him to play in. I think I’ve mentioned before, mine is a runner. Perhaps you don’t comprehend what I’m trying to convey….let’s put it this way: without my husband to help, there’s no way for me to take my son to the park alone. There, do you understand? “Favorite park” because there are multiple play areas there to keep a short-attention span, busy boy occupied for more than 30 minutes; but by far THE main reason I love this park is because it only has one way in/one way out AND it’s fenced! What a concept! Sounds silly but if you have a runner, you will understand why this is THE place you’d want to take your kiddo to as well. My wise “Mother-in-Love” recently suggested we purchase a fluorescent colored shirt so that we will be able to spot him wherever he may venture. We did. We can. Best idea ever! In addition to his back-pack harness, I might add. So, BOOM, we were set:  favorite park-check! harness-check! fluorescent shirt-check!

turtle-277684_1280So, as we entered the beautifully landscaped, fenced-in park, my husband and I were going over the rules with our almost 3 year old: “Son, you have all this area to play in. See how big the play area is? All this is yours to play on! DON’T go out of this fenced-in area (I said it was fenced, not locked) or you’ll be in plenty of trouble and we’ll just have to turn around and go all the way back home! He nodded his sweet little head and agreed: “no leave park”. Uh huh, we nodded and off he went, free as a bird. He couldn’t make up his mind where to start his play he was so excited for all that was before him!

After our ‘rule’ chat, I couldn’t help but imagine what it must have been like when God created the beautiful Garden of Eden. There it was, so lush and green with such beautiful trees, grass, plants, shrubs and water of which had never been before. He created Adam and a bit later, Eve. God made it plain and oh so clear for them, as we did for our son: “Now, listen Adam & Eve, you have all this to enjoy…all of this! You may eat of any tree except for the one tree right over there, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for if you eat of it, you will certainly die. Do not eat of that one tree, whatever you do. Got it?”

paradise-146120_1280Isn’t it curious how we’re so taken by the one thing we’re denied, as if it’s being kept from us for no good reason? We feel we’re entitled to it all. No boundaries.

I’m happy to report that my son stayed within the confines of the park unless he was accompanied by Mommy or Daddy. It was a good day with a profound remembrance of that one day so very long ago….

(Genesis 2)


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