Please STOP Crying!


baby-215303_1280 Every now and again, my child (as I’m sure so many children do) cries about absolutely nothing. NOTHING. NOTTA. ZIP. ZILCH. ZERO. Because it is such a rarity in my house, it drives me absolutely berzerk when it happens. Like. Right. Now.

How do you handle the incessant tears? For me, I have to close the door between he and I. For my sanity, it’s the best response. I can love him better that way and he can empty himself of nonsensical emotion (at least to me it is!)baby-215867_1280

Then….there’s the temper tantrums. Oh my! I don’t know which is worse? The kicking and screaming on the floor or the tears…or both at the same time. Calgon, take me away!!!!


Of course, when there is something the matter, I’m all over it. I want to know what’s going on with my baby. I want to nurture, cuddle, kiss and hug away his tears.

Regardless of what the tears are about, it sure is nice to know I am not alone. I’m sure it makes you feel better knowing you’re not alone, too!

For reasons like this, as well as many other challenging issues, it is good to be in community with other Moms. Check out my Pages section for more info on this. You’ll be glad to make new friends with other Moms who understand your frustrations and celebrate the good Mom that you are!

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