Put on Some Lipstick!



As a wife and now a mother, I struggle to do this at times, but I know it’s important. It really is a good thing to do, whether you feel like it or not. Honestly, I get in my groove and forget about it; it’s not so much that I don’t want to do it.

Are you wondering WHAT I’m talking about??!! By now, you probably think I’ve lost my mind (actually, some days, I question that myself)!

If I go back in the recesses of my mind to remember my life as a child growing up, I clearly recall watching my Mom put her lipstick on right before Dad would pull in our driveway from work. Now she probably had been cleaning house, washing dishes, or preparing supper; without fail however, I can picture her “fixing herself up”. She’d run upstairs to her bedroom, run a brush through her dark, shoulder-length mane, then pull out her signature red lipstick. Now, that might be the only make-up she had on, but she faithfully saw to it that her hair was freshly combed and either put back in a tidy ponytail, just the way my Dad liked it, or let it lay.

Believe it or not, the act of seeing my Mom do this day in and day out really made quite an impact on my young life. It clearly demonstrated to me that she put a value on my Dad coming home. She wanted to look the best she could, given the fact that she was running our household, as well as running us girls around.

As of late, this lesson has resonated with me once again, only this time a little differently. You see, I once was a “career woman” dressing everyday for work until nearly 3 years ago, when my son was born. From that day forward, I’ve been able to stay home to raise him. I want to be intentional about looking more presentable when my husband gets home, rather than semi-frazzled and ragged from my daily activities. After all, it really can be as simple as putting on some lipstick!


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