Getting Into It….



So, to be honest, as a first-time Mom, with an almost 3 year old, I have struggled to keep my Quiet Time going. It makes me sad to say this because I came to cherish my morning Quiet Time in the Word every morning prior to my son’s birth. I tried living my life both ways: in His Word/prayer time daily, and no prayer time/no time in the Word. I quickly learned that my days went so much more smoothly when I took the time, invested the time rather, in His Word. So, after having learned this lesson, why did I edge away from my beloved Quiet Time almost immediately after bringing my son home from the hospital for the first time?

Life gets busy. Focuses change. Our time plugged into The Source, shouldn’t change. Maybe this hasn’t been your struggle. Maybe you’ve been faithful to stay grounded in the Bible all your life through each and every season. For that, I applaud you. I aspire greatly to be where you are. One step at a time.

So today, I’m happy to report, I’m back in God’s Word. I’m praying it will continue day after day after day. This morning, it was easier as my little is still asleep at nearly 7:30am. Ha! That rarely happens. Although I’ve enjoyed deeper study in the past, this go around, I picked up a simple guide at my local thrift store for the grand total of .99! It offers just enough to get me engaged and into the Word but not too detailed that I’m unable to pick up my Bible. Today’s reading was pretty basic: the difference between knowing about God and knowing God. Albeit simple, it’s foundational to our faith.

Well, my time is quickly coming to a close as I hear my son chattering away and calling my name. Maybe you, too, are in a similar situation and have little to no time to get into a regular Quiet Time, or so you think! Start small. Start simply. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with a dvd study and daily homework. Pick up a simple “bumper” book, as I like to call it, such as Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Start there. It’s 1-3 paragraphs and only 1 page, usually less, per day. Start out with a simple prayer asking God to give you spiritual ears to hear what He wants you to hear and spiritual eyes to see what He wants you to see. Ask Him to bring to your mind an experience that relates to what you read. Ask Him to give you new insights. Ask Him to help you identify your feelings. Ask Him to reveal to you what He desires for you to be, say, and do. Read the daily passage and hopefully you’ll have another minute or two to read the Scripture passages following the reading.

Start here. Start now. Let’s do this together and get back on track!


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