Sometimes You Just Need Some Fresh Air



So, this morning started out like any other day. I was mapping out my typical errand route when a friend texted me about taking our kids to the park. I was a bit hesitant, to be honest, because the weather was forecasting rain. I decided to ditch my plan of action for the day after all, there wasn’t anything earth-shattering that had to be done. So, we met up, all squeezed into one vehicle to hit the park together as friends on another of our adventures. We packed lunches and a soccer ball; we were ready for fun!

My thoughts immediately turned to my life as a Mom. Sometimes, I’ve learned, you just need to go with it. Be spontaneous. Ditch your errands or whatever “plans” you may have just to “get out”, let your hair down, and just have fun. In other words, get some fresh air. Just as our children were loving being outside, burning their boundless energy, we as Moms needed that same fresh air of being out. Out of our routine. Out of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

The more I pondered this, the more I linked this line of thought to my spiritual life as a Mom. Some days, you may be able to read a full-on devotion, even do some light journal of your thoughts to God. I find this is quite therapeutic and best yet, it only costs you your time! Other days, one Bible verse is all you can work in before the call of “Mommy!” propels you into your day. Some days you might actually be able to eek out a meaningful and heartfelt prayer to the Lord before you’re forced into action while other days, the only prayer you manage to utter is while you’re changing another diaper, washing more dishes or folding another load of laundry.

My point? Sometimes you just need some fresh air breathed into your day-to-day rhythm of Mommy-hood. Perhaps you need to catch a couple of zzzz’s while your child is napping instead of doing more chores. Perhaps you can lounge outside while reading a favorite book, or even the Word, with the baby monitor nearby. You need fresh air! It is amazing what a little change of perspective will do for your mindset. Get outside. Cut the grass. Plant some flowers. Run outside with the kids. Make something off Pinterest. Make some play-doh. Allow your daughter to put your make-up on. Get my drift?

I often like to listen to pod-casts on topics from the radio that I miss from my working days when I was commuting to the office. I feel more in touch with the world and refreshed. Listening to your favorite song, with the radio turned up and the windows open. Do something out of your norm today. Change your mundane plans and be spontaneous. Enjoy the days. They pass all too quickly.

Now, get out and get some fresh air!


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