Hi there, I’m Aimee!

Thank you for stopping by. I’m just an average Mom, living my dream as a “SAHM” (Stay-At-Home-Mom), trying to figure out a way to keep my spiritual life afloat in the midst of changing diapers, running after a busy toddler, watching endless cartoons, running after a busy toddler, entertaining my little, staying on top of the never-ending piles of laundry, attempting to keep the house clean, grocery shopping, cooking supper, being a wife, trying to save money, making lunches, learning new discipline strategies, planning play dates, running after a busy toddler, and so forth and so on.

You get it, don’t you? We’re living life on a hamster wheel, doing what we love, trying to keep it fresh and make memories all at the same time. We’ve got Face Time, Facebook, email, instant messaging, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter; not to mention our smart phones, laptops & ipads. Trying to keep up with our virtual life while we’re sitting on the floor playing trains and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch all in an attempt to survive until nap time. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

So, how’s a busy Mom supposed to stay in tune with God? That’s why I’m here. That’s why I started this blog. It is my hope to encourage you along this busy path of Motherhood, laugh at me (!), at yourself, feed on the truth of God to combat the lies we all deal with day after day, keep it simple, stay positive, and most importantly, build in time to plug into the Source of all our hope, Jesus Christ.

I hope you’ll join me and share in the ride! It’s going to be real, if you can handle it!

Aimee b.